When it comes to a true ice cream experience in Central Florida, our choice is Frostbite Ice Cream in the little hamlet of Frostproof. It’s nestled along Highway 27A on the edge of town.

The first thing we noticed was in addition to the dine-in the place also does a great drive-thru business.

They were lined up the day we were there.

Those who follow us, know we have mentioned this place before. It was included as one of our recommendations on Seven Food Finds.

Dining In

We, of course, wanted to go in for the dining experience. One of our favorite things about these kinds of places is the ambience. And the Frostbite has plenty of that. As we opened the door we heard retro music and saw the walls covered with metal signs of all kinds.

The Frostbite gives the feel of a retro diner.

The Menu

As much as we like the ice cream, this place also is a diner. That means I could get my burger, while my wife could go to her default nachos. But there are so many other options from which we had to choose.

There’s a whole slate of salads, from the standard chef, to shrimp salads and even an apple pecan salad. I had my choice of a number of different burgers. Although I was enticed by the mushroom swiss, I went with the slaw burger and exercised my option to “make it a double” with two meat patties.

My Slaw Burger and her plate piled high with nachos.

Additionally, we could have had a wrap, a sandwich or even a full meal. For the seafood lovers there are selections ranging from beer battered fish & chips all the way up to a full fried catfish dinner (if you’re hungry enough).

Ice Cream

But of course, it was the ice cream that had drawn us. And again, we had more than enough choices. Frostbite uses Ice Cream Club ice cream – made down in Cape Coral, Florida. We had a choice of 24 different flavors. We could have enjoyed such selections as Macinac Turtle Fudge, Stellar Coffee or Superman.

However, we defaulted to our favorites. I had vanilla, she had butter pecan. We both had waffle cones.

Frostbite had tubs and tubs of ice cream for us to choose. It’s made by Ice Cream Club based out of Cape Coral.

Incidentally, they have other ice cream treats as well. We were tempted with the shakes, floats and malts. Also on the menu were twisters, sundaes and yes, the iconic banana split.

The Experience

When you are looking for the small town ice cream experience, we recommend Frostbite. Of course, it’s a bit off the beaten path – but that’s where we travel. Just look to the west side of the road off Alternate 27. They’re on the outskirts of town – just up from the one big hill in the area.

It can be a tasty trip back to a much simpler time.