How do you stay safe while you travel?

   As we go from place to place we want to be safe and one of the ways we secure the room is with a simple door wedge alarm. It is easy to carry in the suitcase and has served us well.

I have to tell you that one is the door wedge alarm. There are several on the market, but the DSAL-2 door stop alarm is a good solution. This is a small but handy device you can use to know for sure whether someone is attempting entry through your door.

How it Works

It uses a 9-volt transistor radio battery. The door alarm functions in two ways. First, it lets you know when someone is trying to enter the home with a loud alarm. It also prevents the intruder from actually getting in by wedging the door shut and physically preventing the door from opening.

You simply set it on the floor underneath the the door jamb. The sloped edge of the device is actually a metal contact. When the door is pushed up against the metal, it causes the alarm to go off alerting you that someone is actually trying to open it.

There are two switches –  a three position sensitivity button on the side and an on/off switch on the back.

These little things are pretty resilient, ours even survived a quick plunge in the bathtub but dried out and works just fine. Prices range from about seven dollars to north of $20 depending upon where you shop.

Peace of Mind

So when it is time to go to bed for the evening, or just decide that you are in the room for the duration, we found that putting this in place does the job. The door wedge alarm is good both as an alarm for you and as a deterrent for those who would try to pry the door open the door. You can watch TV, show or do something else that in comfort and confidence.

The nice thing is, they are inexpensive and effective. What gadgets do you use? Please let us know. Visit our Florida Fun Travel Facebook page or drop us a line at






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