Like the tool kit we have in our car for minor vehicle repairs, we also carry a first aid kit in case of minor cuts, scrapes, abrasions, bumps and bruises.
 We actually found the bright red case with Emergency written in large print on the top side, for under a dollar at a garage sale.  We since have updated the contents and customized it to meet our needs.  Mrs. Funmeister also is “Nurse Funmeister” and is in full charge of the medical equipment. She cautions that most of the contents need to be reviewed a couple times each year, to make certain the contents continues to meet our needs, have not expired or deteriorated.
 Here in Florida, for instance, bandaids and adhesive tape can loose their stickiness when they are subjected to the high heat of an enclosed vehicle.

  Some of the ointments and other applications also may be compromised, or simply go out of date.
 Our little red bag is fully stocked. There are two different sizes of regular bandaids, some “buttefly cut” bandaids for thumbs or the tips of fingers and one huge bandaid – for larger wounds or to control bleeding.
  A small bag of coffee grounds to stop bleeding is included as a nod to Mrs. Funmister”s fondness
for alternative non invasive treatment.  Additionally, there is an elastic bandage and a roll of gauze bandage for securing gauze pads. there are a number of different sizes of gauze pads as well.
 The kit  contains a tube of “Liquid Skin,” some antibiotic ointment and to take care of dental  emergencies there is a tub of oral gel and a small kit for  temporary replacement of a  filling or to re-cement a crown or cap.
 For sterilization we carry moist towelettes, alcohol wipes and a packet of disinfectant wipe.
 Our tools include a pair of scissors, a small magnifying glass, matches and a flashlight. A bag of non-latex gloves, face masks and a trash bag for proper disposal of waste are included.
 It all fits nicely in the kit. We have re-used some of the boxes that came with the kit, while putting other items in plastic bags. It is small enough to slide undera seat for easy access.  Most of the items were found at a discount and over the course of time and we have constantly updated the case to make it more compact and better stocked.  But like an insurance policy, we figure – if we have it, we probably won’t need it.

 But as travelers we have found it is best to follow the old Boy Scout motto – “Be Prepared.”
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