You see them everywhere, sometimes in a socket, sometimes at the end of an extension cord. There are simple multi-plugs and fancy power strips with surge protectors, fuses and even on/off switches of their own. You see them everywhere except when you need one – that’s why we carry one with us whenever we travel.

   How many times have you arrived at a hotel room and found that every electrical socket is used. There are lamps, a TV, refrigerator or microwave in every available plug. That’s why we carry one.    Ours was yet another dollar store find that has served us well. Whether it was the diffuser, a charger our laptop or some other device, this little gem has been worth its weight in gold more times than not. Especially since, by the time you are settled in your room and find out that you are socket-deficient, you really don’t feel like going out again,

  Then comes the executive decisions. Do you want the lamp more than you want the laptop or the diffuser? Or maybe you have to plug your phone in at the bathroom, where there’s that one open socket for the hair dryer. Oh wait, the night light is in that one.

   This little multi-plug now frees you from such conundrums and is easily rememberable, because when you unplug the chosen appliance, you take the plug right along.

  It did not take long for us to decide this was a tool we needed, and being dollar store denizens, it was not long before we saw one hanging on a peg and calling our name. It is a small piece that travels well and certainly is a recommendation for your in-room bag for when you go a-traveling.

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