Krazy Good Greek

In amongst the orange groves of central Florida lies some of the best Greek food you will ever taste. The restaurant itself is tucked in a single bay of a strip shopping center along Cypress Gardens Boulevard. It would be easy for you to miss unless you know it’s there.

It’s a tiny spot with great food’

The Krazy Greek is small. We arrived to find only a few tables and a simple window where we went to place our order. There were no tablecloths or centerpieces. We got our own drinks from a fountain, plasticware from a dispenser, picked up our food and bus our table.    

You make your order and get your supplies here

  That being said, it is bright and cheery, lit by the large picture windows. There’s also authentic Greek music playing constantly to add to the atmosphere.

Picking Your Order is Only the Start

When our name was called our true experience began. On our first trip, I had the Moussaka while my wife enjoyed the Dolmades platter. Later we discovered the spanakopita. They simply call it “spinach pie,” which does not do it justice.

Our first order was Moussaka and Dolmades

The owner is Greek and everything there is made from scratch. The salads are not smothered in dressing and the Greek salad has the traditional dollop of potato salad at the bottom.
For the true lovers of Greek cuisine, the choices are many. You can get Pork or Chicken Souvlaki and Gyros. The Pita bread comes with a great Tzatziki dipping sacuce. They have both Greek and Falafel salads as well.

The Spanokopita (Spinach Pie) is almost too much

For desert, of course, you want Baklava. Be aware – that probably means you will need a box for the leftovers.

The success of their first store has spawned a second outlet. Dubbed The Krazy Greek Express, that one is located on Central Avenue in downtown Winter Haven. The dining room is a bit bigger and the atmosphere a little different. The great Greek food remains the same.

Enter the Bite Squad

For many, having their meals delivered is the only option. So the Krazy Greek has enlisted the help of Bite Squad. This is like the Uber for food. You can place an order at certain restaurants and a Bite Squad member will pick it up and bring it to you.

The Bite Squad Girl stocked up and hurried out to make her deliveries

If you are in central Florida and love this kind of cuisine with attention to detail, the Krazy Greek is a must experience for you.

You can see more at their website – but you need to go in and dine!