This is National Travel & Tourism week. Here in Florida, no matter where you are there’s a fun day trip that’s easily within an hour of where you’re sitting right now.

Whether it’s a drive up the backroads a journey to a destination location or a jaunt to a special event, the Sunshine State is simply packed with places to go, things to see and people to meet.

Florida back roads.

If you’re not in Florida, this is the perfect time for you to travel to Florida for fun, experiences and good times. The weather is great and right now many of the winter residents have retreated to there homes back north. That means less crowded conditions and in many cases, lower rates.

Do you enjoy the beach? Florida has more shoreline than any other state. Whether it’s the Atlantic coast or the Gulf – not to mention all the freshwater lakes – there’s a spot calling your name for swimming, sunbathing, boating and fishing.

Sun, sand and lots of room,

If you like to play golf, tee times are readily available on courses with skill levels ranging from duffers to zero handicap. Personally, we opt for the courses with a single club, colored balls and hazards that include a windmill or a dinosaur.

Of course, when people say Florida the major theme parks come to mind. But there are literally hundreds of other amusements here. There are historic attractions such as the mermaids of Weekie Wachie and the glass bottomed boats of Silver Springs – both of which now are state parks.

The mermaids of Weekie Wachie

In factl Florida has a great state park system. There are dozens of them from the Gulf to the Atlantic, from the Panhandle to the Keys and wherever you are in Florida chances are there’s one near you.

There are lesser-known but equally interesting destinations such as the Coral Castle, Butterfly World and even the Skunk Ape Research Center.

And while you’re exploring the Coasts of Florida (there are at least a dozen of them), or the geographic regions of the state (there are at least six of those), there are great places to stay and wonderful places to eat.

Naturally there are the national chains, but there also are some wonderful regional names. Moreover, there are a host of one-offs that provide delicious and unique dining experiences.

How about a Candied Citrus Gator Waffle at Melbourne’s Backwater?

Yes, this is National Travel and Tourism Week, but even after the Merry Merry Month of May there are lots of opportunities to enjoy the Sunshine State. There are minor league ballgames all summer long, arts and craft shows, food festivals, concerts and much more.

Striker is the mascot for the minor league Florida Fire Frogs who play in Ocala.

And if you are fortunate enough to live in Florida, an overnighter starting on Friday can give you the opportunity to enjoy a nice hotel or motel, several different restaurants, a destination location and still be back in time for church on Sunday.

Tourism is a way of life here in Florida. You can expect friendly faces and helpful staff wherever you go. And remember, the travel experience is something that never can be taken away from you and the memories now can be stored in the comfort of your smart phone

So don’t wait for when, travel and tour now. There’s always time for fun here in the Funshine State.