About Us

Mr & Mrs Funmeister preparing to go in search of another Florida adventure.

You may be wondering about us, the origin of this page and who we are. Exactly who are Mr & Mrs Florida Funmeister?  So here is a little bit about us.

There’s always time to explore!

For a bit of background, we are an older couple traveling without children. Our tastes tend away from the more commercial venues to the quirky and interesting. Some places we find are old, some are new but all have a little something fun.  Our plan is to take in places that are both on and off the beaten path.

It has been said, “find one thing and do it well.” Therefore, we have decided to explore just around the state of Florida and report back on our experiences. These will include points of interest, places to dine and places to stay as we travel the Sunshine State.

In this blog, we would like to show the fun things we find so you also may enjoy them. We’ll also give inside tips to keep you from making some of the mistakes that we have made. We want your travels to go easily and smoothly.

How We Travel

We try to travel as lightly as possible (one suitcase between the two of us).  However, we have stayed in enough hotel/motel rooms to know that there are things we need to bring along to make our overnight stays safe and comfortable.

In this blog, we will share those ideas and the gadgets that make travel easier and more enjoyable for us. We realize that you may have your own ideas of what you need for the perfect getaway.

If you would like to see more, we have a Florida Fun Travel Facebook page, Twitter account and are on Instagram and Pinterest accounts as well.

Known as Floridameister on TripAdvisor, we are listed as a “Top Advisor” and “Expert Photographer.” Since January of 2017, we have amassed more than 100 cities on our “passport” in Florida and the southeast. With more than 1200 contributions we have registered in excess of 300,000 readers. Additionally, we are listed as a a Top Contributor, Top Photographer and Helpful Reviewer.

Reach Out

Incidentally, we would be interested to learn more about your discoveries, so feel free to share with us here or on any one of our social media pages. You also can reach us at [email protected]

Please check back and come back often. We will be trying to update on a regular basis – so there always will be some new content here for you to enjoy!







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