There are a lot of gadgets, tools and devices that can be used to enhance your travel and your destination experience. We are field testing a lot of them and will let you know how they worked for us.

We have been trying to refine our night light system as we travel. We started with a light-sensitive night light in our bathroom to provide a bit of illumination during the dark when we are in an unfamiliar hotel room. However, there have been times when there's no light socket in that portion of the...
When we travel, along with our suitcase and travel bag, we also carry a traveling picnic basket. Why a picnic basket? We were asked this question as recently as our last trip. My wife politely explained to the gal at the breakfast nook; "Well, we don't do styrofoam," she said - putting her hand on a stack...
So quite a while back, we got a sample of Tossits. These are large plastic baggies designed to keep your car clean and neat while you travel. An apt description for people our age might be "these are litter bags on steroids." Although Tossits are referred to by the manufacturer as "car garbage bags," they really...
In the past we have talked about the light-sensing night light that we carry so we can find the bathroom after dark. When you stay in different hotel rooms, things are not always in the same places. From time to time, we stay in a place where they have bifurcated the bathroom. The sink and mirror...
We always are looking for ways to improve our travel experience - this new extension cord is just the ticket. The recent addition of a new multi-plug to our travel bag has proved to be both handy and dandy. In the past we have been using a specialized multi plug - which allows us...
  When we travel, we have been carrying foldable toothbrushes as a way to save space. These are made by a nationally-known company, so we figured we were pretty well covered.  Then we were alerted to Dr. Plotka's Mouthwatchers. They come in regular versions, but also in a foldable model - so we thought we'd try them. Dr.  Plotka's  The Dr. Plotka's...
   When we travel, there are some things we like to keep cold.  However, after some experimentation, we found electric travel coolers fit our needs.    We first tried using an ice-chest style cooler but there has been leakage from time to time. Moreover, we have had mixed results with the re-freezable cubes in terms of how cold they actually...
 Like the tool box we have in our car for minor vehicle repairs, we also carry a travel First Aid kit in case  we suffer some minor cuts, scrapes, abrasions, bumps and bruises.  We actually found the bright red case at a garage sale. It was perf3ect -with Emergency written in large print on the top side. And it was...
  In the past we have written about the little multi-plug we carry to extend our ability to have sufficient electrical sockets when we arrive at a motel that does not have all the facilities we need.   On a recent shopping trip,  Mrs. Funmeister found a new and improved model made by Charging Essentials . This one not only...
   In traveling, we try to be prepared for many eventualities. One is the dreaded car trouble.    Cars get increasingly technological and we are not mechanics. From time to time there may be minor repairs and modifications that need to be done. We want to be prepared Our Traveling Tool Kit    We carry a small toolbox under the seat. It...
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