When we travel, along with our suitcase and travel bag, we also carry a traveling picnic basket. Why a picnic basket? We were asked this question as recently as our last trip. My wife politely explained to the gal at the breakfast nook; “Well, we don’t do styrofoam,” she said – putting her hand on a stack of the nearby white styrofoam coffee cups, “so rather than make a fuss, we just bring our own.”

Our Picnic Basket

More than a Picnic Basket

However,  the unbleached insulated paper coffee cups (along with the accompanying insulation rings and lids) are only the tip of the iceberg. There is a selection of paper plates, napkins and reusable dinner ware that we carry in the event we might need them

Additionally, there are food and food supplements, such as a small container of raw, natural honey, as well as MCT powder we use as a creamer for our coffee and tea. Usually the hotels supply coffee and tea but we carry our own because there have been times when there was none or what was provided was not to our taste. Rather than make a fuss, we brought our own.

Our Picnic Basket holds quite a lot

Coconut oil and Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother are included inasmuch as they can be used for a host of maladies such as an upset stomach from over eating or eating things not on our usual diet.
We have developed this basket over the course of our travels in an effort to meet our personal taste and needs and it also adds to our pleasure at the free breakfasts offered at many of the motels we frequent.

A rare view of the inside of the picnic basket

It’s More than a Picnic

Some items such as resealable bags are helpful for snacks we carry to our room or for storing leftovers from restaurants or items we have picked up at local organic markets and deli takeouts. Our goal is keeping it small but having the little extras make for the good life.
In fact, we recently decided to add a new item – a plastic tablecloth to use as a cover for some of the many bed-top picnics in which we have indulged.

The basket is a small wicker one, and stacks well with our travel bag when going to our room. At the end of each excursion we clean and restock it – so for the most part – it stays packed and ready alongside our travel bag so we are ready to go at a moments notice.
Moreover, we purchase a lot of these items on sale so we have what we want at a better price.

Our Rubbermaid cooler/warmer

If you travel a lot – you might want to consider carrying a picnic basket and a cooler so you have what you want, when you want – at a great price.