Those who follow us know we always are in search of a good travel hack to make our lives easier. In fact, we have a whole section on Hints & Tips for travel here on the website.

I came by this travel hack quite by accident. I’d had this little snow brush on my tool board in the garage for quite some time. Actually, I had picked it up on a lark.

While innocently in the Dollar Store one day I noticed these things hanging on a peg. This was a big laugh for me as we get virtually no snow here in Florida, When I asked the clerk about it she told me, “Oh, they sent those to us by accident.” So I bought one as a joke.

It has been hanging on my pegboard with my other tools for quite some time.

My Dollar Store snow brush, complete with scraper

The Brush Earns its Keep

Recently, as we were getting ready for a trip, I noticed the back of the car was full of sand and needed to be brushed out. You guessed it. I went and pulled my handy snow brush off the wall. It was working like a charm. However, I could not get up next to the side, due to the scraper.

As I was contemplating breaking it off, I noticed – it comes apart! I slid the clear plastic scraper off and the problem was solved.

The scraper slides right off.

I went ahead and used the brush, then re-fitted the scraper. I figure it will come in handy during Love Bug Season.

My suggestion to you is, if you are coming down from up north, this little snow brush could come in handy. Here in Florida, I continue to see these in the Dollar Store from time to time. I told my wife, we are going to pick up a spare to carry in the car for when we visit the beach.

with the scraper off, it gets right up next to the wall.

It just goes to show you, things always can be re-purposed and this turned into a fun and handy travel hack for keeping the car clean.