Those who follow us, know we have been doing a lot of in-state tourism in Florida for the past several years. To be honest, we're not big theme park types. Although we have visited Weeki Wachiee Springs and plan to make a run up to Silver Springs. That being said, we have found Florida...
One of our favorite Florida events is the 12 Hours of Sebring. Imagine our dismay when we learned that SuperSebring 2020 has been postponed and rescheduled in November. Chalk it up to fears over the Coronavirus. For us. this was a huge disappointment. We love this gathering each year. Not only is Sebring a...
Lately we have seen the headlines screaming about the Coronavirus. There's already been a cruise ship quarantined and folks don't want to go out in crowds where they might catch something. Have we got good news for you! As we understand it, there have been no cases of the Coronavirus here in...
Well February has arrived - and that means it's Fabulous Florida Strawberry Month. I know we are happy about it. There are hundreds of roadside vendors and U-picks full of our favorite fruit. Possibly the best part is that February means the annual Florida Strawberry Festival is right around the corner. The strawberries actually...
Officials of the AAA tell us that this year, Christmas and Thanksgiving will combined for a holiday travel record. In fact, more than 6.1 million Floridians will be on the road for last holidays of the year. That's 300,000 more than last year. Here in the Sunshine State, most of them will be going...
The American Automobile Association is predicting Thanksgiving Travel to be at near record levels this year. Our destination has not yet been determined. But we probably will be part of their projection. Here in Florida, AAA officials told us there will be 2.9 million travelers on the highways. That's part of a prognosticated 55 million...
Our friend Mandy Longo has told us that she's rebranded her Mosquito County Tours. It now is known as Around Orlando Tours. Mandy informed us - and the rest of the world - that after a year of being in business, she decided it was time to regroup and push ahead. Earlier this year...
As you may, or may not, know - September is Bourbon Heritage month. And there's still time to celebrate! When it comes to Bourbon whiskey many folks don't know that the Sunshine State offers you a lot of options.  We have had the opportunity to visit some of these locations and they are...
We have blogged about the Klingon Feast in Daytona in the past. So we were saddened to learn that this year's qepHom will be their last. We learned this in an official announcement from Admiral K'rum epitai-Urussig (Retired). While writing that "Many issues have led to this decision," he did hold out hope that "it...
We have just been alerted by the Better Business Bureau about a travel scam that is costing some people a lot of money! As we understand it, criminals are impersonating major brands. The idea is to confuse travelers into making unnecessary payments. One of their telltale moves, is when they ask you to pay...
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