One of our favorite Florida events is the 12 Hours of Sebring. Imagine our dismay when we learned that SuperSebring 2020 has been postponed and rescheduled in November. Chalk it up to fears over the Coronavirus.

For us. this was a huge disappointment. We love this gathering each year. Not only is Sebring a great race, the off-track activities are enough to entertain non-race fans throughout the four day weekend.

Thousands of fans turn out to see some of the greatest race cars in the world.

The Fans

It’s really the crazy fans that make this event what it is. The third weekend in March, the Sebring International Raceway becomes a huge city. There are wonderful vendors along the two midways. There are shows with live bands in the afternoons and the evenings and great displays by automotive manufacturers as well as a host of other products and services.

However, our favorites are the roving bands of race enthusiasts who have taken on different personae. There are the Sebring Cows (who dress up in cow suits), there are the Drunk Monks and even Team Impala. They are a mythical race team that wander about signing autographs and talking about their “effort.”

Team Impala’s “drivers” including “The Slug,” “N.E. Monkey” and Sum Woman

The Cars

Another thing we enjoy, is walking through the paddock and seeing the teams work on the cars. Seriously, we can walk right up to the garages and see the vehicles that will be doing way north of 100-miles-per-hour on the track.

Better yet, is that many of the drivers hang around. We have had the opportunity to chat with some of them. They also are quick to come out and let you take photos with them. It’s a great experience and these are some of the nicest folks in the world.

We walked right up and got this photo.

The Campsites

Earlier, we mentioned the fans. Well, the campsites they set up are just as colorful as they are. The area known as “Green Park” is where most of them are located. They are identified with cool names like “The Pit Crew,” “The Sarasota Racing & Drinking Enthusiasts” and “Dodge City.”

One of the groups, F-Troop, was to have celebrated their 50th anniversary at the track this month. Another, known as Turn10, actually is located at turn ten and has been one of the iconic locations just as long. Former Sebring Fan of the Year Dave Wesphal, paints the curbing in front of his WFO encampment each race.

The WFO encampment is a Sebring tradition


In recent years, we have taken to watching the event at Seven, The Sebring Raceway Hotel. It is located on the Hairpin Turn – which is one of our favorite parts of the track

The hotel serves wonderful food, all our creature comforts are there and it provides a wonderful view. Watching the race is fun either from grandstands or from chairs that are set out on the grass behind the hotel.

A view from one of the rooms overlooking the Sebring raceway.

The Postponement

Sadly, none of that will happen this month. The International Motor Sports Association and the Sebring International Raceway have announced that the event will be put off until November. However, officials in Highlands County have announced at this time, they have no cases of the Coronavirus.

Moreover, the World Endurance Championship 1,000 mile support race will not return until next year – making it somewhat less than a SuperSebring 2020.

To be honest, we really are going to miss this annual rite of Spring. That being said, we plan to be there in November, and make history as part of the crowd that came back for a Sebring race that was not held in March.

If you have not attended this race, we would take this opportunity to recommend it to you . It is one of our favorites. Our suggestion to you is that you go to the Sebring International Raceway site for updates on the rescheduled race and the best way to see it.

We agree with the fans of USA Today who voted Sebring as the Number One Motor Sports Event in the World.