We have done several blogs here but we never have discussed exactly why we travel Florida. Of course, we like to find unexplored places in the Sunshine State, see different things and to have new experiences.

However, it is more than that. We just like to be with each other and traveling gives us a unique opportunity to be together in a variety of different locales and situations.

We like to get in the car and just be together. Photo by Dorothy Hicks

Early on, we did a column about “Taking Your Fun With You.” It’s true – we do bring our fun along. But it is so much more than that. When Mrs. Funmeister and I get into the car, we are locking the world out and heading off together. As she put it, “we’re in a capsule.”

  First we are in our car together. It truly is amazing that most of the time, we don’t even turn on the radio. We are too busy talking with each other.

  Sometimes we discuss the upcoming destination. We kick around the schedule of where we are going and what we want to investigate once we arrive. Other times it is about what restaurant we would like to enjoy. On other occasions it might be about something totally off the subject of our destination or vacation planning.

We never seem to run out of thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

Waiting for lunch on the Space Coast at Waldo’s Restaurant & Lounge at Vero Beach.

   The long and the short of it, is that we enjoy each other. And traveling gives us the opportunity to lock out the workaday world, or what is happening at the house and just be kids again.

    Over the course of our travels we have had some really great experiences. Some have been less than great and others have turned out to be a total bust.

But in the end, we have been together, we have found the humor in it and spent valuable time together.  And for us, that’s what it’s all about. 

One of our most funtastic experiences was dressing up to ride the Ford Tri-Motor

  Time is too very precious to waste.  On more than one occasion, my wife has seen something I have not – or found something of interest on the internet during one of her searches. Other times, I may get an opportunity or an offer we cannot afford to refuse. So off we go on another adventure.

There’s nothing like waiting for the sunset at Siesta Key.

A great benefit in traveling Florida is that there’s always something new to see. Whether it’s a place we previously have traveled or a brand new location, there’s always something new and different that awaits us. We are truly blessed.

And that’s one more reason we always pray while we travel.

  There’s no other way to say it. We like to be together and travel gives us that opportunity. And the best part, is that we get to share it with you through this blog. As we have noted in the past – we are always open to suggestions. So stay tuned – more travel reports are on the way.