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  When we stay at various hotels and motels during our travels, one item we generally pick up on the way is a gallon of purified or distilled water. The stop usually takes just a couple minutes at a big box or grocery store. Let me tell you why it is worth it's weight in gold.  If there is...
We always are looking for ways to improve our travel experience, The recent addition of a new gadget to our travel bag has proved to be just the ticket. In the past we have been using a specialized multi-plug, which allows us to both use our electronic devices and our USB chargers even when all the electric sockets in...
When we travel, along with our suitcase and travel bag, we also carry a picnic basket. Why a picnic basket? We were asked this question as recently as our last trip. My wife politely explained to the gal at the breakfast nook; "Well, we don't do styrofoam," she said - putting her hand on a stack of the nearby...
   We have been traveling the Sunshine State for a couple of years now and as we have gone from place to place it became quickly apparent that there were some things that we needed to bring along to make certain we were well prepared for our overnight stays. So we have created a travel basket. What goes in our...
   While we realize that not everyone who reads  Florida Fun Travel might be Christian, we are - and unashamedly so. That is why we pray before, during and after our trips.    For instance, many times we pray that The Lord will direct our path and take us to the right place at the right time. We pray He...
Checking our room before we get settled has become a routine for us. Because should we have to move (or even leave) it sure is a lot easier if we don't have to pack up again. That being said, we found this great article from a subject matter expert about how to make sure everything is right from the...
  When we travel, we have been carrying foldable toothbrushes as a way to save space. These are made by a nationally-known company, so we figured we were pretty well covered. The we were alerted to Dr. Plotka's Mouthwatchers. They come in regular versions, but also in a foldable model - so we thought we'd try them out.  The Dr. Plotka's...
When we travel, there are some things we like to keep cold.  At times this has been a challenge - especially when we stay at a place that does not have a refrigerator. We have tried using an ice-chest style cooler but there has been ice leakage from time to time and we have had mixed results with the...
 Like the tool kit we have in our car for minor vehicle repairs, we also carry a first aid kit in case of minor cuts, scrapes, abrasions, bumps and bruises. We actually found the bright red case with Emergency written in large print on the top side, for under a dollar at a garage sale.  We since have updated the...
  In the past we have written about the little multi-plug we carry to extend our ability to have sufficient electrical sockets when we arrive at a motel that does not have all the facilities we need.   On a recent shopping trip,  Mrs. Funmeister found a new and improved model made by Charging Essentials . This one not only...




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