When we stay at various hotels and motels during our travels, one item we generally pick up on the way is a gallon of purified or distilled water. The stop usually takes just a couple minutes at a big box or grocery store. Let me tell you why it is worth it’s weight in gold.
  If there is one thing we have learned as we visit an array of locations around the Sunshine State, it is that not all water systems are created equal. In the morning, when we make our coffee and tea, the major ingredient is the water. The equation is pretty simple. Bad water = bad coffee. So when we use our in-room coffee maker, we use our own purified or distilled water and the tea and coffee we brought from home.
   We can also use it for other purposes – such as brushing our teeth.

    You might want water you can trust

Test yours against their water

  It becomes even more obvious when we go downstairs to breakfast and try some of the coffee the hotel has on tap. Many restaurants will have filters for their water, but it has been our experience that hotels
and motels don’t usually do that.
  Additionally, we use the purified or distilled water when we brush our teeth and for other drinking applications.
  Usually we spend less than a dollar and can spot a grocery store or big box store either on our way in or during our travels around the area. This is a very simple thing that makes our stay a lot more
pleasant with little effort.    Most of the time, we go through a gallon in a single overnight stay. If we don’t, we  just leave what’s left in the bottle behind. For less than a dollar and a few minutes of our time, we can enjoy one of the best comforts of  home…..a great cup of coffee.