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Hints & Tips to make your travel easier. We do a lot of traveling around Florida. One thing we have discovered is that accommodations differ. Sometimes there are plenty of plugs in the room, sometimes not. There may be a smell in the room, or perhaps they have styrofoam cups. (We use paper.)

Therefore, we carry a lot of our own stuff. In short, we’d like to give you some hints & tips so you can be prepared, without having to take seven steamer trunks full of equpment with you,

   You see the ubiquitous multi-plug everywhere. Sometimes they are in a socket, sometimes at the end of an extension cord. There are simple multi-plugs and fancy power strips with surge protectors, fuses and even on/off switches of their own. You see them everywhere except when you need one - that's why we carry one with us whenever we...
   When we travel, we've found for the best time, we have to start with travel preparations. For instance, we have a check list to make certain that everything we need is in the vehicle. We've developed a way to make certain its optimum space and ready to go. Those who follow us know we always are in search of...
We carry a few items for security when we travel but none is more convenient and pleasing than our diffuser. Our travel model is the URPOWER 2nd Version diffuser. We picked it up for a song - $16 on Amazon and we use it in our motel rooms for a variety of purposes. Actually, Mrs. Funmeister is the expert here....
On our recent trip to Siesta Key, we had several tasks to accomplish. One was to test out a new LaCrosse projection clock. The Projection Clock During the last few months we had become spoiled. The clock in our master bedroom has a function that projects the time on the ceiling. It's quite handy inasmuch as we don't have to crane...
  Staying in different places always is a challenge. One thing we have found that carrying a night light is truly a must. Don't Count on the Hotel   There are a wide variety of hotel. motel, bed & breakfast and other accommodations that have a wide array of different amenities. But there is one problem that is always the same....
   How do you stay safe while you travel?    As we go from place to place we want to be safe and one of the ways we secure the room is with a simple door wedge alarm. It is easy to carry in the suitcase and has served us well. I have to tell you that one is the door...
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