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Hints & Tips to make your travel easier. We do a lot of traveling around Florida. One thing we have discovered is that accommodations differ. Sometimes there are plenty of plugs in the room, sometimes not. There may be a smell in the room, or perhaps they have styrofoam cups. (We use paper.)

Therefore, we carry a lot of our own stuff. In short, we’d like to give you some hints & tips so you can be prepared, without having to take seven steamer trunks full of equpment with you,

Those who follow us know we always are in search of a good travel hack to make our lives easier. In fact, we have a whole section on Hints & Tips for travel here on the website. I came by this travel hack quite by accident. I'd had this little snow brush on my tool...
   When we travel, there are some things we like to keep cold.  However, after some experimentation, we found electric travel coolers fit our needs.    We first tried using an ice-chest style cooler but there has been leakage from time to time. Moreover, we have had mixed results with the re-freezable cubes in terms of how cold they actually...
Many people ask "How do I plan an affordable vacation in Florida?" Depending on where you want to go and what you plan to do, it can be fun and easy. Followers of our blog know we are a senior couple traveling the Sunshine State. We don't do the big theme parks. However, we...
When we travel, along with our suitcase and travel bag, we also carry a traveling picnic basket. Why a picnic basket? We were asked this question as recently as our last trip. My wife politely explained to the gal at the breakfast nook; "Well, we don't do styrofoam," she said - putting her hand on a stack...
We have been trying to refine our night light system as we travel. We started with a light-sensitive night light in our bathroom to provide a bit of illumination during the dark when we are in an unfamiliar hotel room. However, there have been times when there's no light socket in that portion of the...
So quite a while back, we got a sample of Tossits. These are large plastic baggies designed to keep your car clean and neat while you travel. An apt description for people our age might be "these are litter bags on steroids." Although Tossits are referred to by the manufacturer as "car garbage bags," they really...
There is nothing that surpasses the importance of research in planning a getaway. We use TripAdvisor to review the restaurants, lodging and points of interest in area we plan to visit. It helps us determine where we'll go and what we'll do. Recently, we attended an extended family function where somebody else suggested...
  When we stay at various hotels and motels during our travels, one item we generally pick up on the way is a gallon of purified or distilled water. The stop usually takes just a couple minutes at a big box or grocery store. Let me tell you why it is worth it's weight in gold.  If there is...
  We have seen a lot of travel blogs on how to pack. But they never suggest taking your fun with you.   We do.   There are dozens of great suggestions. We have read articles on how to roll your clothes and carrying your toiletries in plastic bags. There are recommendations on what to carry in your car, from automotive...
How you pack for travel can determine how good or how badly your vacation outing might go. We are pretty much ready to leave at a moment's notice. When we go on our trips about the state, some of our items already are packed, while others have an itinerary. Of course, we have...
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