We always are looking for ways to improve our travel experience – this new extension cord is just the ticket. The recent addition of a new multi-plug to our travel bag has proved to be both handy and dandy.

In the past we have been using a specialized multi plug – which allows us to both use our electronic devices and our USB chargers even when all the electric sockets in the room are in use.

The Perfect Little Solution

It was a really great and useful addition, especially when we got to rooms where all the plugs virtually were in use. One of the problems has been that the lamps at motel room work stations would not accommodate our multi-plug. That meant we would have to leave our phones on the floor and stretch our computer cords onto the bed.

Our new extension cord was both inexpensive and functional

That problem now seems to have been solved with the purchase of this short extension cord. It’s less than a foot long and is a perfect tool to set up a multi plug from a lamp socket.

The Dollar Store Strikes Again

   We found this extension cord while on one of our forays to the dollar store. It’s a great place to find items for our tool box, first aid kit, travel bag or picnic basket. Moreover, you would be surprised to find how many of the items are Made in USA – which is a major enticement for us to purchase.
On our last trip, we put it to the test. Everything appears to work flawlessly.

Granted, we don’t pull a whole lot of electricity with our machinery so it does not put a lot of stress on the new equipment. The best part is how darned convenient it is and the fact it was so inexpensive.

Our recommendation; go to the dollar store, get one of these cords and throw it in your travel bag. It is a wonderful little tool when you are on the go.