Officials at AAA Travel recently released the results of its latest study, examining the health and wellness benefits of leisure vacationing. The answer: travel – it’s healthy.

The Survey Says…

The survey found something we have known for quite some time now – those who travel reported better emotional and physical health They also found improved relationships and productivity at work.

Travel is Healthy – especially to Florida

Additionally, one of the biggest advantages of travel is overall well-being. The benefits start during the initial travel planning phase and extending well beyond after the trip is over.

Feel Better Fast

Survey results indicated that the single longest-lasting travel benefit was improved relationships with loved ones. Those lasted six weeks on average. That’s something we also have found traveling the Sunshine State. Whether it is to a favorite location where we know what to expect or a totally new destination. We usually find some new and interesting things and have a great deal of fun doing it.

In short, it brings us closer together.

The AAA study showed approximately four in five members of the baby-boom generation experienced at least one health benefit during a trip. More than 70-percent notice at least one health benefit post-trip.

Who Gets the Biggest Benefit?

By far, boomers get the most health benefits during the trip. Some indicated they experienced health benefits before, during, and after the trip equally. Most boomers credited their travel health benefits simply to relaxation and fun.

The survey also indicated that Millennials experienced a far bigger benefit from planning a trip than boomers.

“This research shows there are many health and wellness benefits during all stages of travel across generations, and seeing those benefits significantly improves their satisfaction with the trip,”

Alison Bryant, AARP Research Senior Vice President

Any type of travel, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a weeklong trip, can be an effective way to renew and recharge. That is why we created Florida Fun Travel. Our idea is to travel in search of the quaint and quirky locations around the Sunshine State.

It’s also why we advocate “taking your fun with you“. We find that people get out of a vacation about as much as they put into it. Our experience has found that no matter where you go in this great state, there’s always something interesting to see and experience.

We also suggest taking the backroads whenever possible. It is impossible to express the number of opportunities you have to find hidden gems as you motor toward your intended destination.

Just Do It

So take a vacation, a jaunt, a getaway. And remember to be prepared. Carrying your creature comforts can be both easy and rewarding. By the way, you don’t need a survey to know that it’s time to find a fun location. Book a room and enjoy both the direct and indirect benefits of travel.