When looking for fun things to do in New Smyrna Beach, a trip to the drug store was not high on our list. Then, we found the Little Drug Company – and that all changed. We found tons of cool things and a vintage soda fountain to boot!

The Little Drug Company has been in business for nearly a century.  And to our delight, we found that they have kept much of the old timey ambience down through the years. As far as we were concerned, the crown jewel was the 1960’s style soda fountain and restaurant which dominates the east side of the store.

A stool or a booth? Breakfast, lunch or dessert from the fountain? Our options were many at the Little Drug Company.

The Fountain

We just loved this old soda fountain. They offered meals and plenty of Hershey-brand ice cream treats. Apparently, they do a brisk breakfast business. The menu features eggs, omelets, breakfast sandwiches, pancakes & French toast and of course, biscuits & gravy.

For lunch at the counter we could have had cold sandwiches, burgers, subs, melts, deli favorites as well as a selection of different kinds of hot dogs. There also were salads, soups and baskets – from chicken bites to fried fish fingers.

But it was the soda fountain that intrigued us most. We could hear the milkshakes, sundaes. banana splits, floats and parfaits calling our name. In fact, we made three separate trips to the place just to try different offerings. We had plenty – but we’ll be back.

A vanilla shake,, a root beer float and a chocolate shake fresh from the fountain. All three disappeared quickly!

The Pharmacy

But the Little Drug Company is more than just the soda fountain. We found this place to be a full service pharmacy. In fact, we’re told that since their inception they have filled over a million prescriptions. Actually, there were people talking with the pharmacist the day we were there.

Little Drug Company is a full service pharmacy in New Smyrna Beach has filled over a million prescriptions.

In addition to prescriptions, The Little Drug Company also has a full slate of over-the-counter remedies for what ails you. We found plenty of pain relievers, allergy medicines, topical creams, cough syrups and the like. That being said, these folks have a sense of humor about their store.

One of our favorites was the picture of Lucille Ball pitching the mythical Vitametavegqmin product so we could “spoon our way to health.”

The Vitametavegemin ad from an episode of “I Love Lucy.”

The Store

We love places that like to have fun, and the Little Drug Company is one of those. The attitude is what makes this one of the fun things to do in New Smyrna Beach. The whole place is full of great little items. From cards and gifts to sundries they have lots of interesting things we just have not seen anyplace else. They have a shelf featuring books about the area and by local authors. My favorite was “Bass Fishing in Outer Space and Other Stories” by Tom Levine.

There also was a selection of New Smyrna Beach license tags, seasonal jewelry, greeting cards, refrigerator magnets and even Little Drug Company T-shirts. But the wide selection of candy was what impressed us. They had jars full of penny candy (now 23-cents each). They also had vintage chewing gums including Beemans, Black Jack and Clove.

We found a great selection of vintage candy at Little Drug Company – and from the looks of things, they continue to be big sellers.

Then my wife exclaimed “Honey, when was the last time you saw these?! I had to admit, it had been years. When I was a child, candy cigarettes were my treats when mom would come home from shopping in the big city. Although I enjoyed the candy, I never picked up the smoking habit.

It has been decades since I last saw these. So I bought a box. They also had bubble gum cigars!

In Conclusion

The Little Drug Company is one of those true hidden gems. Set along Historic Canal Street, it is really a fun thing to do in New Smyrna Beach. Most of the employees have been there for quite a long time and it really is a family affair. They have a fun attitude for regulars and tourists alike and it’s a great place to find retro items and unusual, interesting products.

When you visit, budget some time and most certainly, do not miss the soda fountain. It is as delicious as it looks.