We have seen a lot of travel blogs on how to pack. But they never suggest taking your fun with you.
  We do.
  There are dozens of great suggestions. We have read articles on how to roll your clothes and carrying your toiletries in plastic bags. There are recommendations on what to carry in your car, from automotive tool kits to first aid bags.
   There are so many things to think about in providing for your creature comforts when you go on the road.
  However, the one thing we have never seen in these blogs is fun.

Taking Your Fun

  Yes, fun. It is the lightest. most compact and easy to carry item. And, it guarantees that you will have a good time wherever you are. Even the best laid vacation plans often can go astray. Everything from roadwork to spending too much time shopping can knock your dinner reservations completely askew.
   Enter fun. We believe we are guided by The Lord, That being said, should we loose out on one thing – there’s another. We might head down the wrong road or end up somewhere totally different than what we had planned. But we believe there is a reason.
  In fact, some of the best times we have had and some of the most interesting things we have seen and done have come due to unforeseen circumstances.
  This is why we believe that taking your fun with you is your single most important item to have packed.

Detouring Depression

  When you think about it, what good does it do to go sour because something has gone wrong? It can not only pollute your experience from then on, but can also retroactively spoil things that already have happened where you have had a reasonably good time.
  We prefer to think of these speed bumps and detours as great opportunities to investigate and find things we heretofore did not know existed.
  Make no mistake, the smart phone has made it easier to navigate but we also rely on the good old methods – such as asking the locals and looking about as to what looks interesting. In fact, on one occasion, we followed the sound of a live band to a nest of really interesting little restaurants. In fact, we actually went to the place across the street in an effort to reduce the volume to a level we enjoyed.
   So when packing, our advice is to make sure your fun is with you and easily accessible. Make certain you are ready to roll with the flow and enjoy whatever your vacation has to throw at you.
   In short, it’s the attitude of gratitude.