We always are looking for a good breakfast and we found one in Osprey at A Good Day Cafe. Their slogan is “A Good Day Starts Here” and as far as we’re concerned, they’re right.

Actually, we found this little gem tucked in the corner of the Blackburn Point shopping center just off Tamiami Trail. It’s the kind of place we might have driven right by – had it not been for our trusty GPS system.

We actually found this breakfast suggestion, using our TripAdvisor App.

A Good Day Cafe has a retro style combined with great food.

The Restaurant

We opened the front door and found a retro diner atmosphere, punctuated with “golden oldies” music. In fact, the only thing that was missing was the jukebox. The booths were both stylish and comfortable. The restaurant itself was open and airy – in short, the decor provided for a great dining experience.

A Good Day Cafe is a breakfast and lunch place. In fact, they had a wonderful selection of both on their menu – and some of the tastiest fare we have enjoyed.

Our breakfasts both were great – worthy of our Top 10 List.


As I said, for a cafe, their menu is ambitious. They offer breakfast, lunch and brunch options – and lots of them. As we were there for breakfast, we could have had standard fare, plus omelets, skillets, benedicts and a full line of “syrupy sweets” ranging from French toast to Belgian waffles.

I went for the Back Yard Omelet while my wife opted for A Good Day Breakfast. Both promised fresh ingredients cooked to perfection – and they certainly delivered.

My omelet was fluffy and stuffed with spinach, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers and onions. It all was mixed in a great cheese blend. My wife’s standard breakfast came with her “over medium” egg just right, plus some of the best, crispiest bacon we’ve had since we started traveling.

Incidentally, we can recommend the “Good Day Potatoes” and both the marbled rye and multi-grain toast. She was greatly impressed with the Earl Gray tea, with hot water served in a green ceramic pot.

Other Selections

This is the kind of place that makes us want to return and try other selections. Perhaps next time we’ll do a brunch. Those menu items included (but weren’t limited to) chicken & waffles, a Mediterranean Frittatta or the Quiche of the Day.

Lunchtime options included burgers, wraps, soups and salads. Also listed were Deli cold cuts, club sandwiches, croissants and melts. Personally. I have my eye on their Reuben, while my wife easily could go to her default BLT.

We had the option of taking some of the Good Day Cafe home with us.

Parting Gifts

When leaving, we didn’t have to go empty handed. At the front counter they had bags of their own A Good Day Cafe Coffee (both regular and decaf), a selection of pastries in a case (most had been snatched up by the time we got there) and a number of commemorative A Good Day Cafe T-shirts (suitable for you and a friend).

To tell you the truth – this was a real find. They certainly qualify for one of our best breakfast in Florida articles. The atmosphere was great, the wait staff was quick and efficient and as we said, the food was some of the best since we’ve started traveling.

A Good Day Cafe well qualifies for the “Hidden Gem” status and is worth a trip out of your way – certainly for breakfast and we suspect lunch or brunch as well.

The specials the day we were there.

For us, A Good Day did start here.