We have been trying to refine our night light system as we travel. We started with a light-sensitive night light in our bathroom to provide a bit of illumination during the dark when we are in an unfamiliar hotel room.

Our original light sensitive bathroom light.

However, there have been times when there’s no light socket in that portion of the room. Or worse, the lights that are in there are so bright and so near the bed it makes sleeping impossible. Not to mention how it blinds you when you actually go in to use it.

The Solution

We thought we had the problem licked. when we got a small candle-like light at the dollar store. While it worked well, we later switched to a votive-style candle. That both takes up less room in our travel basket and provides better illumination.

Our red candle does not provide as much illumination as the votive-style light,

A New Idea

However, with the onset of Halloween, we have found yet another option that works better yet. We discovered a taper-style candle which provides slightly more light and is tall enough to catch the bathroom mirror in most hotel rooms.

Incidentally, we have found that getting that reflection really adds to the amount of light in a very dark place. It provides sufficient illumination to see when you are in unfamiliar surroundings.

The taper=style candle seems to be the best option yet.

This candle needs a couple of AA-sized batteries to make it run. This means it’s a bit more expensive than our first two attempts – which came 2-to a pack and with their own batteries.

The best part is that all of these were found at the everything’s a dollar store. This taper candle was a dollar, and we got a pack of AA batteries for another buck.

Our three attempts at lighting a room with no electrical socket.

In the end, each provides enough light to find your way around a small bathroom area in the dead of night.

We leave them burning all night. And so far, they have not yet run out of electricity. They are both handy and easily transported. For the cost and convenience, getting one or more of these options will save you from a lot of bumping into things and stubbed toes.