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Hints & Tips to make your travel easier. We do a lot of traveling around Florida. One thing we have discovered is that accommodations differ. Sometimes there are plenty of plugs in the room, sometimes not. There may be a smell in the room, or perhaps they have styrofoam cups. (We use paper.)

Therefore, we carry a lot of our own stuff. In short, we’d like to give you some hints & tips so you can be prepared, without having to take seven steamer trunks full of equpment with you,

When we travel, along with our suitcase and travel bag, we also carry a traveling picnic basket. Why a picnic basket? We were asked this question as recently as our last trip. My wife politely explained to the gal at the breakfast nook; "Well, we don't do styrofoam," she said - putting her hand on a stack...
Those who follow us know we always are in search of a good travel hack to make our lives easier. In fact, we have a whole section on Hints & Tips for travel here on the website. I came by this travel hack quite by accident. I'd had this little snow brush on my tool...
When traveling, our eternal question has been - what is the best hotel value where we are traveling? Should we look for a quaint boutique hotel or stick with a chain operation? In the past, we have had great stays at great little boutique places like The Sea Spray Inn at Vero Beach, the Inn...
In the past we have talked about the light-sensing night light that we carry so we can find the bathroom after dark. When you stay in different hotel rooms, things are not always in the same places. From time to time, we stay in a place where they have bifurcated the bathroom. The sink and mirror...
  Staying in different places always is a challenge. One thing we have found that carrying a night light is truly a must. Don't Count on the Hotel   There are a wide variety of hotel. motel, bed & breakfast and other accommodations that have a wide array of different amenities. But there is one problem that is always the same....
   While we realize that not everyone who reads  Florida Fun Travel might be Christian, we are - and unashamedly so. That is why we pray before, during and after our trips.    For instance, many times we pray that The Lord will direct our path and take us to the right place at the right time. We pray He...
  When we travel, we have been carrying foldable toothbrushes as a way to save space. These are made by a nationally-known company, so we figured we were pretty well covered.  Then we were alerted to Dr. Plotka's Mouthwatchers. They come in regular versions, but also in a foldable model - so we thought we'd try them. Dr.  Plotka's  The Dr. Plotka's...
We have visited quite a few places and found a technique that has proved to be both fun and useful. That's the notion of staying off site. There have been times that we have wanted to go to a festival or visit a point of interest and found that the lodgings in the area are a...
Checking our room has become a habit. It's one we think you should pick up. When we travel, we always check out our accommodations before we begin to settle in for our stay In fact, those who follow us, know that checking our room before we get settled has become a routine. It's easier if we find something early. Then,...
   You see the ubiquitous multi-plug everywhere. Sometimes they are in a socket, sometimes at the end of an extension cord. There are simple multi-plugs and fancy power strips with surge protectors, fuses and even on/off switches of their own. You see them everywhere except when you need one - that's why we carry one with us whenever we...
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