In the past we have talked about the light-sensing night light that we carry so we can find the bathroom after dark. When you stay in different hotel rooms, things are not always in the same places.

From time to time, we stay in a place where they have bifurcated the bathroom. The sink and mirror is on one side of the wall, with the commode and shower in its own separate room. That’s fine, but there never are any electrical plugs there for your little night light. What to do?

The Solution

The Dollar Tree comes to the rescue again with these wonderful little votive lights.

They come two to a pack with 120 hours of life each.

These battery-operated candles have plenty of time, even when you burn them overnight. They also are not overly bright but still cast enough light for you to see everything you need to see. And the best part is – you don’t have to plug them in anywhere.

Do They Work?

During our field test, Mrs. Funmeister put the votive atop an unused plastic cup. This elevated it to the point where the light was reflected in the bathroom mirror and increased its illumination.

This little hack made the light work a lot better.

We also discovered that due to their low light properties, these votives can be used on tables or other flat surfaces. They then can illuminate a path to the bathroom and can keep you from stubbing your toe.

Once your eyes have adjusted, these little guys give just enough light to guide you.

A Wide Array of Options

There are many different shapes and sizes of these candles that can be picked up for a dollar. Some are larger, some are smaller. There are even taper-type candles if you need them, or bulbs mounted in everything from star-shapes to sandal-shapes.

You really have your choice to light the night for a buck each.

The bottom line, is that plug or no plug, these make a fine addition to your gadget bag. They are functional, easy to carry and inexpensive. You will be able to find your way and your toes will thank you for it.