According to our research department, this is “Beautiful in Your Skin Month.”  A while back, we reviewed an on-the-road skin care system called Skinbuzz.  Although Skinbuzz is made primarily for teenagers, Mrs Funmeister was sufficiently impressed with the organic ingredients that she decided to try their sunblock.

Its a small but effective jar and just the right size for travel.

Known as  Beeā€¢Safe Organic Mineral Sunscreen- it’s a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB 30 SPF product. The cream designed as a fast-absorbing sunscreen that will clear blocked pores, It also “heals, moisturizing and brightening your skin.” Makers say it is  perfect for everyday use and safe for all ages.

Our field test proved that to be the case. It went on smoothly and protected well.

In Florida the Sun is Different

We have found in Florida it’s always the time of year to protect yourself and your loved ones from the ravages of the sun. Because Florida lies so close to the equator, it receives stronger and more direct sunlight than the rest of the country.

  For you ladies, Bee-Safe also provides a base for makeup.  (Tip: Create your own tinted sunscreen by adding a dab of foundation to your Bee-Safe, mix in your hands and apply.)  

The Field Test

We field tested this in Venice at a couple of different venues. First, we attended a downtown arts & crafts festival. As per directions, we worked nickel-sized amounts of sunscreen into the appropriate areas. We made certain to put some on the tops of our ears too.

It is a smooth and creamy texture

Because of the humidity, we have found it more difficult to keep sunscreen in place. In short, you sweat it off. So later, we had to re-apply it when we took a walk  on the beach. Despite the fact that the weather shifted from partly sunny to partly cloudy, then to overcast, sunscreen is almost always necessary.

Great Ingredients

As previously noted, Mrs. Funmeister is an organic type and was particularly impressed by a number of the ingredients – she liked that it contained Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide as the active Sunscreen ingredients and that the other ingredients were natural and plant based. It goes on smoothly and is absorbed so the typical white evidence of the Zinc oxide is not a problem. 

Even our fair and easy-to-burn skin made it through the day with no real issues.  We both love the Florida sunshine and are happy to have found a safe effective sunscreen,

Created by Nicole Sullivan, an aesthetician, the Skinbuzz line is created for teens. However, we were drawn by the products’ organic qualities. Moreover, our field testing have shown that they work. Yes, they cost a bit more but in the end, it’s worth it.

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