Our friend Mandy Longo has told us that she’s rebranded her Mosquito County Tours. It now is known as Around Orlando Tours. Mandy informed us – and the rest of the world – that after a year of being in business, she decided it was time to regroup and push ahead.

Earlier this year we took a combo tour with Mandy through Orlando and it was as enjoyable as it was informative. However, it was easy for us to see that although Mosquito County had a fun ring to it – the idea of the pesky insect might not present the most pleasant image.

Mandy Longo with her trademark Mosquito County T-shirt.

In fact, we ourselves rebranded our site from Florida Fun Zone to Florida Fun Travel earlier this year. Like Mandy, we did it to better reflect what it is we do.

Rebranding will Clarify

Mandy told us from the start she’d had questions and criticism about the “Mosquito County” name. She said guests often were confused, thinking the area might be filled with mosquitoes. They asked if they needed bug spray.

Although the name has changed, the quality of experience will remain at the same high level.

During our excursion, we found that Mandy enjoys creating “custom experiences.” She told us that one of her favorite parts of her business was talking with guests to learn about what kind of experience they wanted. She then creates something that exceeds expectations.

For our money, we found that unlike the theme parks, there were no crowds, no lines and no worries. We enjoyed a perfect Orlando day.

New Digs

Mandy also told us that she’s now in line for some high visibility new office space. Around Orlando Tours will be located in the former Orlando train depot’s tower.

Mandy intimated to us that this would be her office – then swore us to secrecy.

The Big Project

Although she has announced the change, Mandy still is operating under the Mosquito County logo. At least until she gets her next big project finished.

It’s called Orlando’s Eve. It will be “an immersive adventure through the historic streets of Downtown Orlando.” This party will be highlighted with an interactive theater experience that culminates in a roaring 1920’s party at a secret speakeasy.

The evening features live music, dinner and drinks, as well as burlesque and vaudeville performances.The music is to be provided by Brown Bag Brass Band’s Sweet & Hot Roaring 20’s band. Plus a very special performance by Tymisha Harris (from award winning Josephine) will round out the evening.

Although Orlando’s Eve is just around the corner (Nov 16th), Mandy told us that tickets still are available. Mandy was supposed to tell us more, but she was shopping for a new cloche hat and an appropriate bandeau.

Stay Tuned

However, she said once this big party is over, she will reveal more about All Around Orlando Tours and her really big project known as the Floridabilt.