Lately we have seen the headlines screaming about the Coronavirus. There’s already been a cruise ship quarantined and folks don’t want to go out in crowds where they might catch something.

Have we got good news for you!

As we understand it, there have been no cases of the Coronavirus here in the Sunshine State. Moreover, we have a list of places to go and enjoy in Florida. And – you can do it all without being crammed in with people at theme parks or other tight situations.

In an effort to avoid the Coronavirus – or any other virus – we cruise in our own car. Then, we can stop at fun restaurants and points of interest on our own schedule. And so can you.

No Ship Needed to Enjoy the Water

One thing we found is that you don’t need to get on a cruise ship to get out on the water. My wife and I had a great time in central Florida up on the St. John’s River. Our stay at the Huntoon Landing & Resort was relaxing quiet and we had the water pretty much all to ourselves.

Watching the birds fly along the surface of the St. John’s River was soothing and peaceful. Plus. we could enjoy it at our convenience.

A bit further to the north there’s Weekie Wachee. It was one of Florida’s original theme parks and a tour of the accompanying springs also is a wonderful way to enjoy the water on our own schedule.

The Beaches

However, you might prefer a beach. Even better! Florida has wonderful beaches on the Atlantic and the Gulf. In fact, there are 12 Coasts of Florida. Literally, there are hundreds of miles of sandy beach from the Emerald Coast and Forgotten Coast – all the way around the Keys and up to The First Coast.

Truly, if you like the Atlantic, we can recommend the Space Coast. Our trips there have been spectacular. From Melbourne, to Cocoa Beach there are wonderful beaches and towns where you can relax, enjoy great dining and entertainment and not be pressed by crowds.

Hightower Beach is one of many along the Space Coast which feature white sand and blue waters. In winter, the surf’s a lot higher and ready for riding.

On the other hand – or on the west side – is the Gulf. More white sand beaches and bluegreen water is the order of the day. We can tell you that there are shells. Possibly more shells than you have seen in your entire life. Number one is Sanibel. We have been told the world’s best shelling is there – and we believe it.

In addition, we had a great trip up Manasota Key and the beaches there. Moreover, there’s Siesta Key. It’s been ranked once again as the best beach experience in the world.

Manasota Beach is white sand, blue water and excess relaxation in the Florida sun.

Other Destinations

At the same time, we found a land cruise might not involve the water. Here in Florida there are a lot of backroads trips through the middle of the state that can carry you to wondrous places.

We have enjoyed the Florida Air Museum, there’s a great state park system. The Marietta Museum of Art & Whimsey is fun, there are a ton of different farmer’s markets, as well as the famous Lakeridge Winery and a whole lot more.

You may call it a Road Trip – we call it a Land Cruise – but the fun still is there.

We have found taking a land cruise in Florida is very healthful and beneficial. It lowers our blood pressure and increases our fun levels. Why be stressed and have to wear a mask? (after all, it will mess up your tan.)

Best of all – to date there have been no Coronavirus cases in Florida. And to be honest, we don’t expect any. So if you are looking for a safe and wonderful vacation, Florida’s the place. Please also take time to stop by one of our Welcome Centers on the way in – they are well worth your time.

In the interest of transparency, let us warn you: CAUTION – YOU MAY BE INFECTED WITH SAND IN YOUR SHOES.