We have had a few very nice waterfront stays during our travels but few have been as nice as the Prestige Hotel in Vero Beach. Like the Sea Spray Inn, where we stayed on our last visit, this is a retro property. However, the Prestige Hotel is right on the water.

They only have a few rooms with an ocean view, but those that have them are breathtaking.

The view from our third floor room.

Finding The Prestige

We looked long and hard at TripAdvisor to find a place that suited our needs. An ocean view was a must for us this time around. But it had to fit our pricepoint as well. The Prestige Hotel seemed to fit our criteria – so we took a chance and booked a pair of nights.

It was a very good choice.

Our third floor room had a commanding view of the hotel grounds all the way to the Atlantic. Our balcony proved to be a great spot to see the sunrise, have a bit of a morning breakfast and even provided wonderful evenings where we could sit and take in the sea breeze.

Looking down from our balcony, we could see the patio and its night lights. The soft red glow from the lamps gave enough illumination to see without being annoying.

The best part was viewing the sunrise. We could see the skies at first light from our bedroom window. The area was absolutely quiet. We had two perfect opportunities to greet our new day. First from the balcony, then a walk down to the private beach area where we watched the sun break the horizon.

Once we saw first light, we knew it was time to get ready to walk down to the beach

Actually, it was a pretty short trip down the path carved through a hedge of sea grapes. It emptied out into the dunes, which then opened on to the beach. We were met by the sound of pounding surf and a spectacular sunrise.

The sun just breaking the Horizon over the Atlantic.

Our Accommodations

The room itself had everything we needed. There were all the comforts of home and more. In fact, we had a kitchenette with a full sized refrigerator and microwave. There also was a sink and a two-burner stove top. We also had a coffee maker, a toaster and plenty of cabinet space.

The bedroom had a dining table, a desk for a work station plus the obligatory dresser and flat screen TV. We could easily have stayed there for a week.

Our king sized bed with a view

The bathroom had a walk-in shower with a square waterfall-style shower head. It was as refreshing as it was stylish. I will tell you. the bed was comfortable (if mounted a bit low for us). But one of our biggest shocks was when we opened the closet – we found matching his and hers robes.

A nice touch that made us feel quite ritzy.

Our Location

The room was great, the view was spectacular and we were in an area that had everything we needed. Just across the street were two restaurants within easy walking distance. First, there was Di Mare – located almost directly across the street. They featured French and Italian fine dining. Just next door there was Trattoria Dario – an authentic, family run Italian restaurant.

However, we took to the car and visited some old favorites, found a couple of new places and discovered at least one tourist attraction. But we will be blogging those later.

Our Recommendation

In just one visit, the Prestige Hotel has become one of our favorites. Although we had to haul everything up and down six flights of stairs (there is no elevator) it was worth every step. The room was wonderful and had everything we needed. The stay was comfortable and there were amenities we did not use.

They have a great little pool a spacious patio and lawn. But the walk down to the private beach was what hooked us. There are few atmospheres more enjoyable than sunshine, salt air and a sea breeze.

Yes, it is a bit of a splurge – but it’s worth it.

So there we were, ankle deep in water, looking out from our private beach into the Atlantic.

My wife just reminded me, we walked the beach four times in two days. Take a look. How could we not?