When it comes to Florida hotels with a view, we have come across six that have provided wonderful stays for us.

The Prestige Hotel

The first would be our latest visit. The Prestige Hotel at Vero Beach had a wonderful view of the grounds, to the beach and all the way to the Atlantic. From our balcony we could see the beautiful blue waters of the Treasure Coast.

It was far enough away that we couldn’t actually hear the pounding of the waves. However, the sea breeze in the evening was there and was most delightful.

Our view from the third floor balcony of the Prestige Hotel in Vero Beach

In fact, we could sweep our curtains open and watch the dawn begin to break from our bed. Then, it was only a short walk down the path to the shore where we could watch the sunrise over the ocean.

As we pointed out in our article about the Prestige Hotel, there apparently are only eight rooms that face out onto the ocean. That being said, for us, the view from our room was breathtaking.

The Vista Inn on Lake Tarpon

We have written about The Vista Inn on Lake Tarpon in the past. It is our go-to place when we visit Tarpon Springs. Our room of choice is within a certain block of rooms located directly above a canal that leads out onto Lake Tarpon.

Any one of these provides a great place to sit and watch the sun come up. We also could sit out in the evening and see a wonderful moonrise.

The sunrise view from the Vista balcony was amazing

The Vista had the largest balcony by far, and sitting in the quiet with our coffee and Greek sweet bread provided a more than romantic interlude. And because Tarpon Springs is on the Gulf, we could drive over to a nearby park in the evening and view a wonderful sunset as well.

The Edison Beach House

The Edison Beach House in Fort Myers Beach is another great place we have discovered where we can sit on our balcony and enjoy the ambience. It was an accidental find and has proved to be one of the most enjoyable of our stays. In fact, it has been so great that we have visited on several occasions.

Sunset from our balcony at the Edison

The Edison might well qualify for “boutique” status. All of the rooms have everything we needed for an extended stay. Better yet, each of their rooms faces the Gulf and each has its own wonderful view.

They feature a pool, lounging area and have many amenities for their visitors – including bicycles for those who want to get a bit of exercise exploring the area.

Like the Prestige Hotel, it is a short walk to the beach, and not much further down to Times Square – the entertainment hub of Fort Myers Beach.


Bentley’s Boutique Hotel

Part of the Best Western Premier Collection, Bentley’s Boutique Hotel also provided us with a nice balcony on which to relax. Granted, it did not overlook a beach but this one gives a great view of the hotel courtyard.

That being said, the grounds are well sculpted. There’s a large swimming pool ringed by small, covered pavilions with padded couches and tables. Behind those sit sandy play areas designed to resemble a beach. Although man-made, the space was attractive and within easy view of parents watching their children play.

Our second floor balcony at Bentley’s Boutique Hotel was secluded.

The best part for us was that our particular balcony was covered by the foliage of a large palm. That gave us the opportunity to enjoy a great view without actually being on display ourselves.

Seven – The Sebring Raceway Hotel

Seven – The Sebring Raceway Hotel is perched on Turn 7 – the famous Hairpin Turn at the Sebring International Raceway. Instead of an ocean view, occupants of the trackside accommodations can see the most exciting portion of the world-famous 3.72 mile road course.

Our stay involved watching a New Year’s Eve race (the first in 50 years.) We then attended a wonderful party and rang in the new year.

A view of the track from the second floor of Seven- The Sebring Raceway Hotel.

The hotel itself is a wonderful venue. In the past we have enjoyed watching the races from their restaurant. The facility also features a pool, an exercise room and meeting facilities.

The Hontoon Landing & Resort

Earning an honorable mention, is the Hontoon Landing & Resort. Although we did not have a private balcony, the shared deck was just a few steps from our door. The second floor platform actually was supposed to be “closed until 8am.” However, we sneaked out to a table. It was wonderful to enjoy our morning coffee and watch the sun come up.

We sat on the deck watching fishermen head out at first light.

This is another little place that had its own restaurant, with both indoor and riverside seating. There also was a small shop where we could get snack food, souvenirs and even fishing supplies. As far away from civilization as it seemed, the Hontoon Landing was just a few minutes away from everything Deland had to offer.

A Room With A View

Some of these places already have been our Five Most Romantic Florida Vacation Spots. In fact, all of these could have made that list. There’s just something about being able to sit down and enjoy some quiet “us time” at our chosen lodging.

Whether it’s watching the sunrise or sunset, just sitting out in the morning or an evening – having a balcony or a private place to enjoy ourselves provides a relaxing time and puts the “vacation” in our stay. These Florida hotels with a view are some of our top recommendations.