When it comes to a good breakfast in Vero Beach, Mrs. Mac’s Fillin’ Station is difficult to beat. We had our first exposure to Mrs Mac’s during our initial Vero Beach getaway. but we didn’t actually eat there. Instead, because restaurants had been shut down due to the Coronavirus situation, we had a to-go meal.

However, we decided to come back when the place had opened up and experience all the ambiance. I can tell you, the taste of the food is greatly enhanced by the nostalgic decor. Everywhere we looked we saw both genuine and re-creation signs and displays about cars, gas stations, automotive equipment and the like.

From the vintage gas pump to the license plates on the wall, the outside of Mrs Mac’s has the same ambience as the inside of the restaurant.

The Menu

Mrs. Mac’s has carried the car-theme all the way down to the menu. There are “headlights,” which are pancakes, “rag tops,” which are the sticky buns, and a myriad of dishes with names for cars, parts and even highways.

Even the waitresses have taken on automotive names. Our first waitress called herself “Punch Buggy” which is slang for a Volkswagen. This time, the lovely “Porsche” waited on us. All in all, it was fun time and the food was good, plentiful and quick out of the kitchen.

I had the “Doozy” named for the Duesenberg automobile – an omelet with all the accessories. My wife had the “Mechanic’s Favorite.”

The Dining Experience

We had to wait a few minutes to get seated as it is a popular place. However, there was plenty to keep us entertained while we were waiting. A large glass case at the checkout counter greeted us as we entered. It was just packed full of all kinds of memorabilia. We saw patches, small metal models, gas station premiums and other kinds of memorabilia that bring back a flood of memories.

Some of the objects of interest to look at while you’re waiting at Mrs. Macs.

And as we said, the decor gave us a great dining experience. We saw everything from spinning street signs to an actual giant metal Texaco sign hanging on the walls. There also was a steady stream of nostalgic music to add to the atmosphere.

This is one of the dining rooms at Mrs. Mac’s

Our Return

We can testify we had a good breakfast in Vero Beach at Mrs. Mac’s. Now, our intent is to return for a good lunch. Looking through their menu, I already had my eye on some of the “Car Hop Specials.” the “Pita Builts” and the “Cruisers.” My wife was perusing the “Tailpipes” (aka hot dogs) among the other selections.

And for one of their deserts, they have home made Key Lime Pie. They call the dessert menu “The Final Lap.”

It’s a bit off the beaten path, but we found Mrs. Mac’s Fillin’ Station to be a restaurant and mercantile that is both a tasty and fun place to top off your tank.