On our most recent visit, we found that Cafe 66 is a wonderful option for breakfast in Vero Beach. As always, we turned to the experts and asked our friends at Vero Beach Foodie for a recommendation.

I have to tell you, the responses came quickly. We reviewed them, did a little online review and decided on Cafe 66. Apparently, they recently were purchased and moved from their former location on 66th Street to a former barbecue restaurant on US Hwy 1.

Fortunately, between our GPS and my eagle-eyed wife, we were able to spot the place and were blessed with a front row parking spot.

My wife was able to identify the place by the shield on the side of the building.

The Restaurant

As we came inside, we could see that they have been working on the decor. The interior was pretty standard for a barbecue place – down to a custom-made condiment box. We also were impressed by the early morning crowd. That’s usually a sign that there’s a good meal ahead.

The place was pretty full by the time we arrived for breakfast.

The Menu

When it comes to breakfast, Cafe 66 is pretty standard fare – which suits us just fine. We had a lot of choices – including many of our favorites.

We had the option of farmhouse breakfasts, traditional breakfasts, breakfast sandwiches or a la carte selections. My wife went with “The Rugged Rancher,” which was bacon, eggs, homefries and a biscuit. I opted for a three-egg veggie omelet. It was three eggs and they truly “ran it through the garden,” with tomatoes, onion, peppers mushrooms and spinach.

Having seen some of the other orders, we could tell that the portions were generous. And despite it being a busy morning, our waitress was able to keep the coffee cups filled and keep us informed as to the progress of our order.

Our breakfasts were ample, delicious and quick out of the kitchen

In fact, we didn’t have to wait long for our breakfast to make it to the table. The cooks apparently were in “full speed ahead” mode. The recommendation from Vero Foodie members was spot on. We also would like to add our recommendation for the Cafe 66.

It’s the kind of place we would like to revisit. Their logo shows the options of beef, pork, chicken and fish. We were intrigued enough to agree we might come back and sample different breakfast selections or try a lunch there.

In Conclusion

In our opinion, we found Cafe 66 to be pretty much the All-American breakfast. There was nothing fancy, but the food was good, the service was great and the prices were more than reasonable. Really, we can’t ask for much more than that.

So when it comes to a good breakfast in Vero Beach, Cafe 66 is a great option. We also want to thank the folks at Vero Foodie for giving us the heads-up. Our experience has been, when we want to find the best, whether it be food, lodging or attractions – we ask the locals.