Checking our room has become a habit. It’s one we think you should pick up. When we travel, we always check out our accommodations before we begin to settle in for our stay

In fact, those who follow us, know that checking our room before we get settled has become a routine. It’s easier if we find something early. Then, if we have to move – or even leave – we don’t have to pack up again,

Checking your room should be a habit for you as well. We always start at the front door, looking in the bathroom and closet. Then we check out the bed and make certain everything else is OK.

We usually find everything in order. But now it’s a habit for us.

That being said, we found this great article. It’s written by a subject matter expert. The piece gave us a lot of good tips about how to make sure everything is right from the get go.

Our first look is to cleanliness. We then check out safety. We look at the locks and check out our proximity to the fire escapes. Then it’s on to other amenities. All in all, it is a fairly quick and easy way for us to determine if the condition of the room meets our standards.

Moreover, once we began the routine, it became second nature and now do it almost without thinking.

Incidentally, we always have handi-wipes for the phone and the TV remote – and we always check to make certain there is a Bible in the room.

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