We have just learned that Florida Fun Travel has topped 200,000 views since our inception three short years ago. It was at the end of last year that we hit another milestone – 100,000 unique visits. Both those numbers are for us both huge and humbling.

When we started our travel experience, it was mainly for our own enjoyment. We decided to stop “waiting for when” and get out, experience and explore. It wasn’t long before people were watching our Facebook pages and told us how they loved to follow our exploits.

We love getting out on the road and discovering new places.

So we first started a Florida Fun Travel Facebook page, then this web page that tells of our travels. Since then, we have added Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to the mix.

Looking at our blog, we realize how many places we’ve visited over the past three years or so. That has involved a lot of lodging facilities, restaurants and points of interest.

When we hit the 200,000 read mark, it caused me to look at our stats. Apparently, Historic Deland – an Absolute Delight has been the single most-read article to date. Other popular articles include our trip to Solomon’s Castle, The Five Must-Dine restaurants of Venice, Ginny & Jane E’s – cute little restaurant and gift shop on Anna Maria Island and a piece we did on Olde Englewood Village.

Solomon’s Castle, featuring Knight and Daye guarding the door.

More to Come

This has been more fun than you can imagine and as we head on toward a quarter million reads (that truly is mind boggling). we have even more places on which to report. This past weekend we found a gem of a hotel in Osprey. It allowed us to exercise our option of staying off site, while having easy access from Sarasota down to Englewood.

But more on that later.

We also found a funky and interesting store specializing in ukuleles, an ice cream shop we have been wanting to visit for quite some time as well as some great dining experiences.

And it’s not over. We already are planning our next foray out (at this point that remains destination unknown). We are in search of more travel experiences, hints, tips and other things to write about.

Join Us

So please, come along with us. Join our Facebook pages, like and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest. Most of all, send us your ideas and suggestions. Are there places you have visited that are a lot of fun? Are there places we should go and report back?

Tell us what you enjoy and what you think we might enjoy. Because as we all know – It’s always time to have fun in Florida.