For the past few years we have tried to search out a great place to celebrate Easter. We have been to several Sunrise Services, but none have paralleled the one we attended on The Space Coast.

Celebrating the Resurrection of our Savior on the shores at Satellite Beach was one of the most wonderful and spiritual times we have had the privilege to experience.

Rev Jason Carter gives the Easter message
Rev.Dr Jason Carter of Trinity Wellsprings Church gave the Easter message in the sand at Hightower Beach as the sun came over the horizon on Easter Morning.

Hightower Beach

We actually had scoped out Hightower Beach the day before. It’s a nice facility in its own right. The stairs to the beach are dominated by a large viewing deck that gives a panoramic view of the ocean and beach in both directions.

Looking south from the platform at Hightower Beach gives a great view of the Atlantic and the unfettered beach area

There were a few people enjoying the afternoon. That paled in comparison to the hundreds that would be there the next morning to see that very special sunrise. Hightower Beach features a boardwalk that parallels the southern beach area. There are picnic tables, sitting areas and views overtop of the sea grapes, cactus and other vegetation lined both sides of the wooden walkway.

There’s quite a boardwalk with several sitting places and picnic areas at Hightower Beach.

Easter Sunrise

However, virtually none of this was visible when we first arrived for our Easter Sunrise experience. The Satellite Beach Police shepherded us across Highway 1 from the parking area. Members of the church were there with lights to help keep us on the path to the walkway.

When we got down on the beach itself, there was enough pre-dawn light to help us make our way to the front. The Praise Band “Cross the Jordan” played as hundreds made their way to the beach area to select a place for the service.

Some had chairs, others had blankets. We chose to stand. It was easy to find the stage, as they had placed an illuminated cross there.

An illuminated cross marked the front of the service area for Easter sunrise attendees.

The music was good and the message poignant, as Rev. Carter admonished us about “Practicing the Resurrection.” However, nothing could match that sun rising over the Atlantic on Easter morning. In fact, Rev. Carter paused briefly to allow us to enjoy one of the great sights on Easter morning.

This experience was unique. The hospitality was wonderful, all the way down to the free coffee in the tent at the base of the stairs. We have looked many times for the perfect way to celebrate Easter. None has been any better than our trip to Satellite Beach.

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