Those who follow us here at Florida Fun Travel know we like wonderful restaurants with fun atmospheres and the Sweet Sage Cafe & Boutique fills the bill. It’s located in North Reddington Beach on Florida’s west coast. We discovered it on our way to visit John’s Pass.

When we first arrived at the Sweet Sage, we knew it would be a fun place. The building was painted bright green with the gable shades in complimentary colors. We also noted that ivy clung to the arches at the front portico. There were even multi-colored benches where we could sit.

These folks had given a lot of thought to this layout.

The front of the Sweet Sage Cafe & Boutique.

A Local Favorite

They told us that folks come from all over the Sunshine State to visit. In fact, they have served tourists from all over the world in this funky little spot. Winding our way through the restaurant, we found out why. Both indoor and outdoor dining areas were well decorated.

The small indoor area was lined with fun, historical displays. We even saw some seating that allowed people to look out over the parking lot through stained glass windows.

However, we decided to sit outside.

The outside had dining set under large trees. There was all manner of seating scattered about. We chose a table covered by a large tiki-style umbrella. When we sat down, we noticed that the place was decorated with, well just about everything you could imagine.

Down the way from us was a bicycle hanging from a tree. We saw all kinds of different signs and puns intermixed with works of art. There was no shortage of decor for us to look at while we awaited our order.

There were tables with chairs, picnic tables and more. Some sat under the shade of trees while fabric covers were strung in other places.

The Menu

We went there for lunch. Apparently, The Sweet Sage Cafe & Boutique also is known for breakfast. On their menu is a long list of coffee specialties. Do you like Espresso, Cappuccino, Cafe Latte or Cafe Breve? This is your place. We also saw Chai Tea on the menu.

Breakfast dishes included a long list of Benedicts. In addition to their Sweet Sage Benedict, we were offered California, Veggie, Salmon and even “Pigs in a Benedict.”

Breakfast Combos included; Crosby, Stills & Hash, the Waffledaffle or our favorite, the Traditional Belgian Waffle.

But as we said, we were there for lunch. They offered us a fine selection of salads, burgers, sandwiches and wraps. I settled on the Mediterranean Wrap with a side order of sweet potato fries. I give it five stars.

The wrap was tasty and the fries were large.

The Ambiance

There was a lot to see as we looked around the back dining area. Those included plenty of signs, statuettes and fountains. I tried to get the girls to sit at the “bar” so that I might get a great photo – but they declined.

There were some interesting seats at the bar.

The back wall of the restaurant also was a great collage. It was full of all manner of objects that could keep the eye entertained. Periodically, we saw a waitress burst forth though the door with yet another order.

The back wall of the Sweet Sage Cafe

The Boutique

You might remember that we said it was the Sweet Sage Cafe & Boutique. Indeed it is. After lunch, we adjourned to the boutique and found it every bit as engaging as the cafe.

It appears the boutique actually starts in the cafe. But when we swung open the door of the boutique, wow. We were greeted by an array of clothing, jewelry, household items and objects d’art. Apparently, many are made by local artists.

Clothing, hats, jewelry and wall hangings were just some of the things in the Sweet Sage Boutique.

As we explored, we found that the Sweet Sage Boutique fills the better part of three rooms. As we walked through, there were ladies sorting through boxes of new items that were to go on display.

A Cafe & More

The Sweet Sage Cafe & Boutique is as its name says, for it really is a shopping and dining experience. We didn’t even have a chance to go into the the drink menu. That includes the Strawberry Alarm Clock (a daiquiri), the Last Mango in Paris (a margarita) and Dr. Sage’s World Famous Bloody Mary and bust developer (we didn’t even ask about that one LOL).

In North Reddingon Beach, we can recommend Sweet Sage Cafe and Boutique for breakfast, lunch and/or shopping experience.