So we were in Crystal River when we had our first BubbaQue’s experience. Actually, we were shopping in the Heritage Village section when we saw the brightly colored “BubbaQue’s – Real Pit Grillin’ “sign encouraging us to stop by for lunch.

And we were ready for some lunch (it was way past time). So we decided to stop in and give them a try.

The interior of BubbaQue’s was inviting.

As it happened, we were in that very late lunch, very early dinner time – so it wasn’t very crowded. That meant we were seated right away. Plus, we got great attention and quick service.

It looked to us as if this location was prepared for a lot of folks. We saw what appeared to be a lot of regulars. Then, around the corner from us was a spacious bar area. We agreed that on weekend evenings this place probably would be jumping.

BubbaQues Crystal River location had a large and well-stocked bar.

The Menu

We love a place that likes to have fun – and BubbaQue’s adores having fun. Their menu starts with appetizers – or “Bubbatizers,” – then presents a wide array of other offerings. There are baskets and plates of chicken, beef or pork barbecue. Excuse me, that’s BubbaQue.

We also had “sammich” and combo plates from which to choose. By the way, if you are not a BubbaQue fan, there also are a number of salad selections – which they dubbed “Rabbit Food.”

I went with The Big Ol’ Bubba sandwich, (How could I not?) My wife decided on a St. Louis Rib Dinner. She surprised me by not going to her default nachos. BubbaQue’s actually offers three different “Nacho Typical Nacho” plates.

Our Bubbaque lunch was quite a repast.

The Dining Experience

We learned that at BubbaQue’s, they don’t slather on the sauce – that was our job. Yes, my wife’s St. Louis Ribs were dry rubbed and hardwood smoked, but we had more than a half dozen BubbaQue’s sauces we could try.

For us, this was a taste-tempting treat. On our table were bottles of their “Mississippi Mud” Sweet Molasses and “Ole Yeller” Tangy Mustard sauces. They also had “Alabama Slama” Smokey and “Moonshine” Spicy Vinegar. In addition to their own BubbaQue’s sauces there were several other commercial dressings from which to choose.

Their sauces were on a tray and ready for use.

We had a great time sampling these different selections. It was hard to say which one we liked best. Each had it’s own tasty points and it made the dinner fun and different to sample as we went along.

And the sides were good as well. From the coleslaw, to the baked beans, Mas & cheese, fries and Texas Toast – we had no complaints.

In Conclusion

As we’ve said, we really don’t do a lot of chain restaurants. But I have to say BubbaQue’s was as tasty as it was fun. Apparently there are eleven Florida locations from Chiefland to Lakekand and two more now in Louisiana.

If we run up on some others in our travels, we will be persuaded to stop by. The food was good, the portions were generous and we got great service. How can you beat that really?