While checking restaurants in Clermont we came upon the Crooked Spoon. We found it at the intersection of Citrus Tower Boulevard and US Highway 27 in the shadow of the famous Citrus Tower. Actually defined as a “Gastropub,” this place is a wonderful dining experience.

The Crooked Spoon has both indoor and outdoor dining

A Gastropub

I actually had to look up “gastropub.” Apparently it is a pub specializing in high quality food. In our opinion, the Crooked Spoon more than qualifies on both counts. First off, they have a very large bar, although it was not populated the Saturday afternoon we were there.

They have a well stocked bar with plenty of space

In addition to the well-stocked bar, the Crooked Spoon has plenty of dining area. In these days of social distancing, that means they could have plenty of customers – spaced sufficiently by any measure.

The photo does not do justice as to how much room there actually is in the Crooked Spoon.

Our table was the second one down in that photo. We had plenty of room and then some. Although the chairs were solid wood they ended up being pretty comfortable. In cooler weather, the restaurant also has outdoor seating that could be inviting during the evening hours should we come back for a date night.

It certainly appears to be one of the most versatile restaurants in Clermont for sure.

The outdoor area had dozens of tiny lights for illumination and fans to keep the air moving. It still was too hot for us.

The Burgers

We were drawn to this place by the menu. It’s the kind of restaurant that has all kinds of interesting combinations. It certainly makes us want to go back again and try some of their other menu selections.

I at first was drawn to the burgers. My natural move would have been to default to the Crooked Spoon Burger. How could I turn down their signature sandwich? The Florida Angus beef, Swiss cheese, onion marmalade, spring mix, tomato and chipotle aioli served on a brioche bun sounded inviting.

But I also saw the 420 Burger which was Florida Angus beef, Swiss cheese, candied bacon, with a fried onion ring, pineapple relish and honey mustard aioli on a brioche bun. In fact, there were several more burgers I saw that made it increasingly difficult to decide.

In the end – we both had a Cranberry and Turkey Sandwich.

So, I punted – and joined my wife with the Cranberry Turkey sandwich. This turned out to be a great choice. It’s house-smoked sliced turkey, Swiss cheese, cranberry chutney, caramelized onion and sage aioli, served between toasted multigrain bread slices. Moreover, it comes with their home made kettle chips – which may be the best we’ve had to date.


As I said, there are lots of things here we’d like to try. Their Mediterranean Wrap, Pork BBQ and House Pastrami all sounded tasty. I was intrigued by the T.A.B.L.E sandwich as well. That is comprised of Fried green tomato, avocado aioli, Neuske’s hand-cut smoked bacon, lettuce, fried egg and remoulade. It also is served on toasted multigrain bread.

Don’t know some of the terms – it’s OK, they had many of them posted on the wall as decor for us to observe and learn.

Other Selections

The handhelds were just part of the menu. We saw a lot of appetizers and salads coming out of the kitchen that looked pretty filling in and of themselves. I saw a plate with a large stack of goodness heaped on top. When I asked our waitress, Nicole, told us that was their “Mountain of Bleu Cheese Chips.” It appeared it would have been enough for both my wife and me.

Other “starters” included Beer Cheese Fondue, a couple of different kinds of wings, Chicken & Waffles and a Hummus duet. I was very curious about the Duck Confit Tostadas. Those are described as crispy corn tortillas with cumin-lime vin, mixed greens, bean puree, duck confit, queso fresco and avocado crème fraiche.

I’d really have to have a sample first.

We also were enticed by the salads, I noted the Spinach BLT with arugula, spinach, pickled heirlooms, bacon Dijon vin, smoked bacon lardons, red onion, goat cheese and grilled crostini. Being a sucker for pineapple I also eyed the “Drunken Pineapple” salad – which was crispy prosciutto, shaved aged jack cheese, grilled red onion, mixed greens, rum soaked candied pineapple sprinkled with rum pineapple vin.

And that’s only some of the choices.

There was a large chalkboard in the dining room announcing specials of the day,

Of all the restaurants in Clermont – this menu has to have been one of the most diverse.

In Conclusion

Those who follow us know we like restaurants that pay attention to what they are doing. This place does. Our meals were made with fresh ingredients, generous portions and quick out of the kitchen. Our waitress Nicole was very attentive and answered all of our questions.

When it comes to restaurants in Clermont, we can highly recommend The Crooked Spoon and plan to drop in again the next time we are in Clermont.