We were delighted to see that Governor Ron DeSantis and Visit Florida have teamed up to encourage the idea of a staycation. This is what we have advocated since starting this blog.

Staycation does not mean actually to stay at home – it does mean, enjoy the Sunshine State.

It’s our opinion that there’s so much to see and do here, that’s an easy task. There’s always something new for us to discover.


This new campaign will be seen on televisions. billboards, and social media sites. That includes our own travel blog. Would you like to see the ad? No problem, we have it for you right here!

Let us debut the new Visit Florida ad for you

The Numbers

Governor DeSantis told us that the state is down 60-percent on tourism. A recent press release sent to us by the American Hotel & Lodging Association indicated the Labor Day lodging would be down by that much as well.

However, that has not been our experience. We called several of our favorite hotels that already were booked solid. And for us, that is good news and bad news. We’re happy they’re making money – but we wanted to visit.

In the meantime, Visit Florida plans to spend $13 million to encourage people to tour the Sunshine State. We don’t think it will take nearly that much. A few pictures of the state’s beaches, some of our great restaurants and attractions would do the trick.

Here’s a great place to stick your toes in the sand.

Places to Go

Let us pose a couple of questions to which there are no wrong answers. Do you like the Gulf or the Atlantic? Do you like a riverside or perhaps a lake setting? We have been to them all and we have had a great time.

People ask us, which do you like best? We like all of them. Our self-stated mission at Florida Fun Travel, is to have fun while we travel. For us, the height of the coronavirus presented an opportunity to prepare for our next round of travel.

As the state opened up, so did we. Our trips took us to Vero Beach, Okechobee, Clermont and Venice (among other stops). And our plans are to keep traveling, enjoying and blogging about our love of Florida..


Tourism is one of the pillars of Florida’s economy. Did you know that it accounts for 1.5 million jobs and $91 billion dollars? Those are figures we’ve just learned.

Our plan now is to take a staycation. That is to continue to travel Florida, find new attractions, new places to stay and of course – great dining opportunities. Join us on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages and let us know what you find.