We recently have been alerted to a new place in the south end of the state that has all the earmarks of a Florida Fun Zone. Fixpresso is the destination for great coffee at a fixed price with everything on the menu set at just $2 each. Food and beverages – from latte coffees, chocolate croissants, to turkey sandwiches – are available at affordable prices. Fixpresso also offers other hot and cold beverages, healthy choices, pastries and sweets.

   Inside the store, guests will see a very cool SUBWAY TRAIN, where the food and beverages are served. The train is part of the restaurant’s “Four F” mission statement:

Fixed: Every menu item at a fixed price-$2
Fast: Customer Service
Fun: Everyone loves the train!
Food & Drink: Great!

   The Umbrellas of Coral Gables, part of a traveling art exhibit, recently were taken down in the city. Many people were unhappy, and Fixpressp owners decided that they did not want the display to go to waste.
  So in a bold move, the everything $2 coffee and food shop, now has recreated the interactive art pieces on the ceiling of their cafe in a beautiful floral pattern.
   “The umbrellas were hung on a fishing line from the ceiling. It took over 15 hours to complete. We want to make people smile when they walk into our coffee shop and we want to bring enjoyment to people,” said Fixpresso founder Scott Deutsch.
   The umbrellas display will be available for customers’ viewing pleasure for the next month. The rotating umbrella installation will then switch each month – featuring different designs, which are chosen by a local committee of individuals. The criteria for selection was (not necessarily in this order)  Fun, Happy and most familiar.
   It looks to be a fun, inviting and tasty locale. Those wanting more information may find it here.