There are lots of day trips in the Sunshine State. In fact, some of us like to make them overnighters. That is, if  we can discover the appropriate accommodations.
  Nevertheless, our friends from Florida Backroads Travel have put together a compendium of ideas.

Where to Go

   These trips are based on different themes. The nearly two dozen different ideas include outdoor adventure, history, museums, nature centers, historic buildings and even amusement parks.
   Outdoor adventures include options such as eco-tours, ziplines and state parks. Others suggest a wide array of botanical gardens and the arts. There’s alos a myriad of Florida lighthouses that dot the coastline from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico.
   The trips are only limited by your imagination and the amount of time you have to enjoy. After all, Florida has to offer.

About Florida Backroads Travel

   The self-stated mission of Florida Backroads Travel is to inform its readers of the off the beaten path experiences. There’s plenty  that await you, once you get off the main highways.
   The site is the brainchild of Mike Miller. He’s lived in Florida since 1960. Miller’s a graduate of the University of Florida. He’s already logged more than two million miles in a variety of vehicles on Florida’s back roads. Miller also is the author of 18 Florida travel books (currently available at Amazon.)
   There’s lots in addition to the themed road trips. Visitors to the site can find state, county and vintage road maps, backroad trips from north-south. There are east-west or regional excursions and day trips from major cities. They also have a list of different kinds of lodging from campgrounds to small inns. And for dining- there’s a list of esoteric and interesting restaurants.

Time to Try

   As you know, we love to travel and we are going to research a number of these ideas. Naturally, this is a starting point. Everyone will want to modify the itinerary to their own likes and dislikes. Moreover, there will be those restaurants, shops and points of interest that you spot along the way that can change the course of any outing.
  If you’d like to have a look at the site and their suggestions for road trips – you can find it here.


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