So we received a call from my wife’s sister asking us if we wanted to meet them in Cocoa Beach. She and her husband were spending a week there and would we like to meet them there?

Did we ever. We’ve been to Cocoa Beach before.

Loving Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is one of those great places that is chocked full of fun places. Whether it is eating, recreating or whatever, there are exciting experiences all around. Plus, it’s a stone’s throw from other little hamlets like Meritt Island and Port Canaveral – meaning your options are almost limitless for a weekend trip.

It all begins with your choice of accommodations. There’s the standard fare with chains like the La Quinta Inn. Being frugal travelers, this is a really great find. Built by the original Apollo 7 Astronauts, it is an older property but really is a self contained unit.

The view from our room.

Just across the street from the ocean, the rooms are clean and well appointed, there’s a pool, a shuffleboard court, a bar, a restaurant and an upstairs sports bar all on the property. There’s free breakfast each morning as well.
You just can’t beat it for the price .

For those who want “the Cocoa Beach Experience,” The Beach Guest Houses at Cocoa Beach is a funky and fun place that is artsy and simply laid out for your enjoyment. This also is an older property, and the owners have done everything they can to make your stay one to remember.

The rooms are retro, with large suites or single rooms available.

This funky barbecue is one of a number of “outdoor rooms”

Possibly the best part is the plethora of outdoor “rooms” that have been set up for the guests. Many have hammocks and deck chairs where you can sit or lie down and watch the action on the beach.

There are numerous grills and eating facilities where you can cookout, party and watch a wide array of watercraft from jet skis to giant cruise ships that have departed from nearby Port Canaveral.

Cocoa Beach Dining Options

When we arrived, the first thing we did was head out for lunch and to get stocked up for snacks in the room. We were able to do both at the Coastal Market. In addition to being a grocery store with a great selection of healthy food, there was an ample supply of beer and wine as well. They also featured an extensive deli and a wonderful little bakery.

They seemed to be able to cram it all into a relatively small space.

But wait, there’s more – There was Kenne’s Kitchen, where they prepare hot meals – a lot of which came from the stock of their deli and bakery. They also had soup choices and soft drinks in a cute little dining area.

Cocoa Beach Restaurants

In fact, Cocoa Beach and the surrounding area are rife with wonderful places to eat. Like Squidlips. Yes, for a good meal, great ambience and a wonderful view this is hard to beat. For starters, the menu spans the pallet from seafood, to beef to vegetarian-friendly selections.

My wife approved of their chips and salsa, while I had the black and bleu burger, which came with thick, crisp bacon atop.

They have twin bars, one inside, one waterside and plenty of room for entertainment. While we drove in, there were plenty of boaters on the Banana River who came in, tied off and enjoyed their stop.

And for breakfast, we hit the Simply Delicious Cafe & Bakery. We went there on the strength of Trip Advisor reviews and were not disappointed.

I had the spinach, swiss & mushroom quiche with fresh fruit and it was very tasty. Wife had the big breakfast with thick/crisp bacon. Both were…well…simply delicious.

The large, colorful tableware added to the ambience and the wait staff was attentive without being annoying. We can recommend this place easily for good food and a good dining experience.

Incidentally, we had a sampling of their baked goods and could find no fault with them.
We walked the beach in the morning and enjoyed the sunrise and played miniature golf at night. If you are looking for a fun, funky and exciting little place, Cocoa Beach will fill the bill.