The gift of time may be the best gift you can give.

   When it came to gift giving, in the past we used to give material goods as presents. That CD they wanted, a sweater, Star Wars mug or some other thing that we’d heard that was a heart’s desire.

   However, as we have gotten older, we have decided that giving experiences. It has been much more rewarding.

   We live in a brave new world of phone cameras, Facebook Live and selfies. The idea of sending a friend or a loved one to a concert, a special event or a special place has proved to be much more rewarding for us. Much better than that wonderful crockpot you gave them.
  They pull out it a couple times of year – then cannot bear to part with because it was a gift. People sometimes feel trapped by possessions. It seems that somehow divesting themselves from  gifts is disespecting those who gave it to them.

The Gift of Time

   Experiences have the opposite effect. They are something that can be stored and treasured for a lifetime.  In fact, the idea of giving tickets, free passes or other such items makes for a wonderful opportunity for bonding and memory making. It also affords the lucky recipients an opportunity to get away for a while.


   Sometimes, we invite them to come with us and experience the event or place along with us. That gives us an opportunity to be a tour guide and spend quality time with people we enjoy. Other times we  simply give them passes so they can go out by themselves. That can provide some much needed “me time.”
  We might suggest a twosome of golf at a prized course, a card for dinner at a favorite restaurant, passes to an event or a new attraction they would like to visit – the options are endless.

Experiences are Light

  Time is a gift that does not gather dust. You needn’t pull it out when we come to visit. Generally they can use experiences at their own convenience and relate the stories of what happened.
  Reports on their progress can be as immediate as a Facebook post, or as personal as sharing their experience and photos the next time we get together.
  The wonderful thing is Florida is chocked-full of wonderful things to do. Followers of this blog know we refer to them as “Fun Travels” and they are scattered as richly as sprinkles on a double scoop ice cream cone in July and are just as tasty.
   Gift giving time is right around the corner. The holiday season is rife with family gatherings, present exchanges and all manner of festivals and events around the Sunshine State. There also are wonderful restaurants and attractions that need no special event to be enjoyed.

   So this season, and throughout the year, we suggest you look at giving people the gift of time, fun and irrevocable experiences. It’s something that never can be taken away.

   Incidentally, if you don’t know where to go – or where they would like to go – direct them to any of our Florida Fun Travel social media pages. We update them weekly as to fun places to go and visit.