While in search of adventure recently in south Florida, we decided to stop for lunch at Jane’s Garden Cafe down in Naples. It is nestled in the Courtyard Shops at 3rd Street and 13th Avenue. That’s in the midst of an upscale shopping and dining area. The place is not easy to find.

We finally located the sign and ended up coming in the back way. Admittedly, it was late in the day. One of the staff members already was gathering up cushions from the back outdoor dining area. As we walked by the kitchen, the hostess asked us whether we preferred indoor or outdoor seating. It was a pleasant day so we opted to sit outside.

The main outside dining area at Janes is a quiet, comfortable place

Surprisingly Quiet

She ushered us to the front outdoor area. It was dominated by a huge fountain. It was ringed with water plants and various kinds of fish. The patio was furnished with black, wrought iron tables covered in red umbrellas. There were so many of them I wondered how the waitstaff navigated when the place was packed.

Because only a few tables were populated, we were able to get a wonderful little vantage point fountain side. Numerous tiny sparrows darted about, looking for leftovers. They then would bend deep from the side of the fountain to get a sip of water. Koy drifted by periodically, which added to a wildlife show that was in the midst of a rather crowded urban area.
  Although the owners did their best to baffle the noise and set the place apart from the nearby hubbub, there was not much they could do about the periodic jets that thundered overhead, apparently preparing to land at nearby Naples Airport.

A Moment with Jane’s Fountain

The menu was a bit past our normal pricepoint. That being said, the food was delicious. Management is quick to point out they do select the highest quality ingredients, we also surmise that the kitchen is populated with those who know what they are doing and that the prices reflect the general area as well as the rent for the location.
I opted for the Big Fat Greek Veggie wrap – a compendium of goats cheese, roasted red pepper, cucumber, avocado, and dill with a yogurt dressing. Mrs Funmeister opted for the Tom’s Hopkins ABS Pressata That consisted of creamy avocado, smoked applewood backon, garlic aioli and melted swiss cheese.

The food was wonderful, and absent the jets, the atmosphere was hard to beat. The wait staff was also very attentive without being annoying. It was easy to tell that they were accustomed to taking care of high maintenance customers. We did not provide much challenge to their skills there

  If you are looking for a wonderful dining experience in Naples, Jane’s Garden Cafe is as good as any and better than most – but bring your wallet. It also is in a wonderful upscale area for shopping of all kinds, and the people watching is unmatched.
To find out everything you want to know, you can visit their website.