Generally when we travel, Mrs Funmeister and I like to explore new things. And that includes places to stay.
  However, we have started to find locations in some of our favorite spots that have become go-to options. That is, places we have found that we can count on. Reliable choices for dining, exploring or lodging. Such is the Edison Beach House.

A Wonderful Discovery

  We were duly impressed on our first visit. There we had a three room suite. We had a kitchen/dinning room, living room and bedroom. There were sliding glass doors leading to a balcony overlooking the Gulf on the north side of the building. It was impressive and we had a lot of fun.
This engendered a second visit. On our second go ’round we were two stories higher. This time we were on the south side of the building. At first blush I was a bit disappointed. Thia was a one room suite with a full kitchen, sofa, TV, dinning table. and a queen bed. It did have a view of the famous Fort Myers Beach pier. Bur the view did not seem as panoramic and we also could see part of the Times Square area.
It was not until later that we discovered what a nice room we had drawn.

The view from our fourth floor balcony.

When you are on the Gulf side of Florida, you naturally look forward to the sunset. Seeing the sun go down over the water is something special. Moreover, a lot of folks gathered on the beach to enjoy it with you. But did you know there are places where you actually can see the sunrise as well?

The Sunrise

  The Edison Beach House is exactly one of those locations. Upon realizing we had a front row seat, we took advantage of every second. The folks at the hotel have helped immensely by posting the local sunrise and sunset times on the back wall of the elevator. There, you cannot miss them. We took note and on our second morning we were ready for the experience.

  Although the local sunrise was not set until after 7:00 eastern, we could see the beginnings of the sunrise shortly after six, Mrs Funmeister brewed some coffee and tea (using our distilled water), and we sat on our balcony to enjoy the show.

We saw the dolphins tails from our suite balcony but we missed the
feeding of the dolphins up by the shoreline at the base of the pier.
Apparently the fish were running and word got out fast – as dolphins
and birds descended for breakfast. It drew an immediate crowd but it
did not last long.

Within Walking Distance

  As noted in our original post, The Edison Beach house is a place where you literally can park your car stay put.  You can walk to Times Square, or up Old San Carlos Street to access any number of restaurants tourist shops or other points of interest.

That being said, the hotel owners have overbuilt the parking lot and have a strict rule on the number of autos guests may bring, so we never had a problem finding a spot to put our vehicle after having been out for the day.

Fort Myers Beach is a Great Place

Another thing that bears repeating is that Fort Myers Beach is a hidden gem along the Gulf. Although not as well publicized, Mrs Funmeister found as many shells – and as diversified – as while we were in Sanibel. The beach is a pleasant walking experience with a number of establishments, bars, restaurants, and hotels pointed out toward the water.

If you are looking for a place to stay while traveling Florida’s Gulf coast – we can recommend both The Edison Beach House Hotel and Fort Myers Beach in general as a wonderful vacation destination.

Enjoy a snippet of our Fort Myers Beach sunrise – here