Listed as one of the 11 most Unconventional Conventions by SyFy Wire, the 19th Annual Klingon Feast hits Daytona Beach this weekend – and for the fans of the badboys (and girls) of Star Trek, this is their time to shine.

Where are the Tribbles?

The Feast  is a weekend event planned, produced  and presented by fans for fans. No guest stars – just Klingons with  games, food, drink and fun with friends.  All this leads to the great time and annual Feast on Saturday night. All species invited including HUMANS, as Klingons (at least THESE Klingons) play well with others.

Planned are a Friday pool party, costume, warrior and Synthahol contests, Klingon speed dating, Klingon Target Practice, battle simulation, arm wrestling, Klingon cursing, Klingon Jepoardy, movies and a Holodeck – among other things.

Unlike other trekkie conventions, no guest stars or dealers are planned – just Klingon enthusiasts doing what Klingons do.

Of course what is a Klingon Feast without a feast?  Bring your bat’leh and go boldly to the annual Klingon Feast, where you won’t get stared at for having a ridged forehead, because everyone has a ridged forehead. You’ll probably look out of place if you don’t appear to have the DNA of House Martok.

While the cuisine of this alien species may be hard to swallow on Star Trek, you don’t have to eat anything of questionable origin — or anything that’s still moving — at this feast.  Remember to bring your qutluch.

   The event will be staged at the Best Western Aku Tiki Inn at Daytona Beach.  If you attend, let us  know how you liked it. Visit our Florida Fun Zone Facebook page or drop us a line at