We have visited the Town of Murals more than once and one of the best restaurants in Lake Placid has to be Morty & Edna’s Craft Kitchen. The Main Street complex in which they’re located at one time played host to the local newspaper.

The Lake Placid Journal is gone and a shopping and dining experience now awaits. Morty and Edna have had their restaurant in this location a little better than a year – but we just discovered it.

We came into the restaurant through the adjoining Blueberry Patch Boutique.

The Complex

It had been raining the day we visited, so we came in through the entrance to The Blueberry Patch. They describe themselves as “the ultimate gift shop” and we agree. There was something for everyone and we could have shopped for hours.

It is quite convenient the way the store interlocks with the restaurant. The arrangement gave us the opportunity to shop before or after dining – and maybe even steal a quick peek while awaiting our meal.

As we walked through the shop, we spotted the entrance to Morty & Edna’s. It was easy to see this was going to be a cool little spot.

Getting a glimpse through the pocket doors, we could see Morty & Edna’s would be a fun place.

The Decor

Whether you come in through their front door, or the side entrance as we did, it is easy to see this is a fun and funky place. We were impressed as to how they were able to use the available space for the best possible seating arrangements. The multi-colored stools were both attractive and comfortable.

We picked a table by the door to sit down and review the menu.

Morty’s community table.

Morty’s had a hightop table that dominated the dining room. It could seat a large party, or smaller groups that didn’t mind sharing. We opted for one of the low top tables that had backs on the chairs.

We opted for one of the low top tables.

The Menu

Those who follow us know we like interesting places of all kinds – and this is one. For instance, we love the way they have inventive names for their menu items. In fact, the attitude – as well as the product – is one reason we think this is one of the best restaurants in Lake Placid. They call it “…grandma’s food with a side of grandpa’s jokes.”

For instance, at breakfast they feature “The Sloppy BLT,” “Eggs Your Way, Boss,” “The Morty,” “The Edna” and “Avo Great Day.” The Avo is avocado with feta cheese and seasonings on dark rye toast. The Morty is biscuits & gravy with eggs and herb roasted potatoes. The Edna is a croissant with cannoli cream, Nutella and strawberries.

Sadly, we got there too late for breakfast.

Lunch has just as many interesting options. There’s “The Notorious BLT,” “Living on the Wedge,””It’s Just an Arugla Salad,” “Edna Make Me a Sammich” and “Get It While It’s Hot” – which is the special of the day.

Our Lunch

Even though we were late my wife got the Notorious BLT while I got the special of the day – the Ropa Vieja. Her sandwich was on sourdough with avocado and herbed mayo. My dish, a Cuban staple, was braised beef over white rice and black beans – with just a sprinkling of cilantro.

Morty’s serves up some real comfort food.

We didn’t have room for dessert – although the options sounded tempting. Listed as specials were chocolate and peanut butter whoopie pie or key lime cheesecake. Menu selections also offered cookie and pastry specials, the tart of the day and “Ugly Cupcakes.”

We’ll leave more room and get there earlier next time. Choices dwindle as time goes by.

Morty’s desserts, baked goods and more.

In Conclusion

This is yet another place that makes us want to come back and try something else. Moreover, it’s in a complex with a great little boutique – The Blueberry Patch – on one side and a craft brewery – Wet Dogs – on the other.

Plus, there are lots of other things to do in Lake Placid, including touring the town and seeing the great murals. So when you’re looking for the best restaurants in Lake Placid – we’d recommend a stop by Morty & Edna’s Craft Kitchen.