So we discovered the Amazing Grace tea house in Wauchula and it truly is a hidden gem. Actually,we were headed through Hardee County and my wife’s eagle eye spotted their listing. When we got there, it appeared we had come in after the lunch rush. That meant there was plenty of of seating options and we received their undivided attention.

There were a half dozen tables inside the main dining room.

The Menu

The Amazing Grace Tea House has a pretty nice menu for a place its size. Our options included appetizers, salads or one of their luncheon specials. I was in luck! Because we came through on Friday they were serving quiche. Much to my delight, they had spinach – so that was my option. It also came with a salad – which was large by most restaurant standards.

My wife went with the “Signature Lunch.” That included a bowl of broccoli soup and a chicken salad sandwich. Although the soup was a bit thick for her liking, I was looking at it with big eyes. Both turned out to be very tasty.

Our first course at the Amazing Grace Tea House.

We were impressed by the table setting, the silverware is substantial and the china pieces are inviting. Additionally, the plastic table cover made it easy to keep the place sanitary.

When it came to our first course, I might add that the vinaigrette for my salad was light. It was much better than the usual commercial fare we have received at some restaurants.

Our main course.

My quiche was large (I wondered if that was because I’m a guy). They had layered it, with the cooked spinach leaves on top and the egg underneath. Apparently, that is because if they mix the two, the eggs don’t fluff as well. Who knew?

Then it was time for dessert. Yes. I received a tea cookie while my wife got a slice of pound cake with fruit and whipped topping. Mine was good – but her’s was great (yes, I got a bite).

My rather ample, chocolate stuffed tea cookie with fruit and my wife’s pound cake.

The Teas

I have not yet talked about the teas at the Amazing Grace Tea House. This is where my wife excels. She ordered the Signature Tea – which was a black tea with a mixture of citrus and blueberry. Described as a Homage to the local agriculture industries, she found it to be “quite enjoyable.”

Other options included green tea, white, tea red tea and herbal tea. There also were caffeine-free and iced tea options. There are more than a dozen flavors in all – ranging from Jasmine Rose to Tulsi Pure Leaf. They also had Coca-Cola products for non-tea drinkers.

Our waitress Shannon was both helpful and knowledgeable on their menu items.

Other Options

As I said, the main dining room is fairly small. There are about a half dozen four-seater tables. That being said, there are three other private dining areas that can be booked for birthday parties, bridal showers or other special events.

Your choices include the Pioneer Room, the Victorian Room and the Christmas Room. We had the opportunity to tour both the Pioneer and Victorian rooms. Both are dotted with all manner of antiques and provide easy and comfortable service.

The Pioneer Room

The Pioneer Room comfortably seats eight. However, they can put a party of as many as ten at the table. There are a lot of local artifacts, from a spinning wheel to journals. An original “Stansfield’s Pharmacy” sign dominates the side wall.

The Victorian Room

The Victorian Room is a bit more cozy. It is a four-top table, but it also may be increased to as many as six. The staff can provide quick service while offering guests privacy for their celebrations.

Sadly, we did not make it upstairs to the Christmas Room.

For those who like the fresh air – they also have outdoor seating available.

Part of an Organization

The Amazing Grace Tea House in Wauchula is one of the outreach programs of Sheri White Ministries. They also own and operate a furniture and home furnishing resale store called Heaven Sent as well as The Mustard Seed – a thrift shop. There’s also Lydia’s House, a Christian program for women who are coming out of destructive lifestyles.

Probably their most ambitious project is Pioneer Village. There is a general store, a family center, a couple of log cabins, a petting zoo, a stable for horses with carriages and a garden among other features. The place is tended by the women staying at Lydia’s House and provides a support system for them.

In Conclusion

Those who follow us know we like the fun and funky – and this certainly qualifies. We can give a recommendation to the Amazing Grace tea house in Wauchula. It was a very pleasurable dining experience, the food and tea was tasty – plus it helps support a good cause. It also appears to be a great place for special events.

Best of all was their chosen candidate for the highest office in the land – they’re backing Grandma for President.