When we vacation we go to a lot of places that have funky and fun themes, but the food does not live up to the atmosphere. However, the Island Cow on Sanibel Island is an absolute exception.

Sanibel is one of the Gulf coast communities that is just chocked full of great places. On our first trip to Sanibel, we tried a few and reported back. This time we took a day trip to the island and got a whole new appreciation for the Island Cow.

Brightly colored on the outside, tasty on the inside.

The Cow Experience

One thing we noticed is that this place has something for just about everyone. We saw lots of different customers. There were seniors, families with kids, couples and groups of friends. It seemed like everyone knew about the fun activities available as well as the great food.

Even though we had a bit of a wait to get in, there was plenty to see and do. There were bean bag toss games for people to try, there was an iguana in a cage out back to watch, there was a plywood standup cow with a cut-out available for a photo op and plenty of chairs to sit in while you waited for them to call your name.

You can look at your phone, chat or peruse the voluminous Island Cow menu.

The Cow Fare

One of the things a wait will allow, is to study the Island Cow menu. This may have been the largest and most complete listing we have seen in all our travels. Items range from the Simple Breakfast for $6.99 to Queen Elke’s Surf ‘N Turf at $30.99.

And there’s plenty in between. We found our choices were virtually endless. There were Egg-celent Plates, Island Pancakes and Specialties in their Cow-a-Bunga Breakfast Menu. Over the rest of the day, there are Soups ‘N Stuff, Udderly Great Sandwiches & Wraps, BBQ with an Attitude, Pastabilities, Mama’s Cookin’ and many different Fishin’ Around dishes from the Gulf.

And did we mention they have a full bar and scrumptious desserts?

In addition to their main menu – which is the size of a small newspaper, The Island Cow has supplementary menus so that you do not miss a thing.

Cow Quality

But seriously, along with their “a-moo-sing decor” and the caviler way they name their dozens of menu items – The Island Cow does feature some of the tastiest and freshest food we have sampled.

At the Island Cow, they pay a lot of attention to the product they set on the table. From sandwiches to seafood, we have yet to find any complaints about the fare. Even the service has been quick, despite the fact that in both of our visits the place has been packed.

It does not hurt that the servers there carry on the Island Cow’s generally laid-back attitude. It’s where humor meets island time. They are attentive without being annoying. They let you know that as a customer – they are attending to your needs.

One of the Island Cow servers awaiting his next order…ours was a “Cow Whisperer.”

Cow Stuff

And if you are as happy with your experience as we were – you might want a souvenir. You’re in luck! The Island Cow has a special souvenir shop that houses all kinds of themed T-shirts, hats, visors and even a ring toss game.

Long sleeves, T’s caps and visors come in a myriad of color schemes.

In Conclusion

We have said that the Island Cow is a Sanibel must stop – and we cannot phrase that any other way. If you have kids or friends, it’s a great experience. There are things to see and do while you wait. The food is delicious and comes at a pretty good pricepoint. We have, and continue to. recognize this as one of the best we’ve found.

Next time we’re for sure getting breakfast.