In Fort Myers, The Love Boat is a quick way of taking a cruise back in time to an old fashioned ice cream shop. We had seen this place on TripAdvisor and had wanted to stop during several visits to the area. However, we just did not have the opportunity.

For a while, The Love Boat boasted both their original ice cream shop and their new and improved location. Recently, they shuttered the original shop and focused their attention on their new and improved supersized location.

There are lots of great ice cream shops along Florida’s Gulf coast. In fact, we have stopped at several of them. Recently we blogged about our trip to Joe’s Eats & Sweets on Anna Maria Island. But, the home made ice cream at the Love Boat is something special.

The Love Boat Ice Cream Ice Cream shop is a great experience.

Love Boat Experience

On our most recent trip to Fort Myers Beach, we decided to budget some time and have some tasty ice cream at the Love Boat. When we arrived, we realized why it is such a popular destination location.

The experience begins when you step out of the car and are hit by a mix of 1950s – 60s tunes. And when you are our age, sometimes you actually begin humming along or mouthing the words. Inside, you really get the feel of a mid-20th Century ice cream parlor.

You feel like you’re in the 50’s again….only better.

You can eat inside or outside. There are plenty of seating areas strategically placed around the building. Most have been landscaped so patrons can enjoy the great south Florida weather while having a tasty treat.

Love Boat Flavors

The Love Boat is like a soda shop on steroids. Not only is it much larger than the places we remember, there’s a lot more product. For instance, we counted more than 80 different flavors of ice cream before we lost track. Moreover, some of them were “seasonal flavors” such as “Apple Cider Sorbet,” “Egg Nog” and “Pumpkin Ginger.” Plus there are other choices including yogurt, sugar free and sorbet.

Yes, there are a lot of choices at Love Boat Ice Cream.

Plus you can have a sundae, a “super sundae,” a shake, malt, float or freeze. Would you like coffee? There’s both hot coffee and cold brew. Expresso and flavor shots are offered as well. One thing that is a throwback to our teenage days is the size of a cone. There’s nothing small about a small at all.

Yes, that’s the small.

After parking, we had a lady approach us in the lot and presented us with a BOGO coupon. That means we bought one of these treats and got the second one free. Did I mention that you can choose your cone? Let me tell you, there’s more than one choice.

How do you like your cone?

Between the 16 varieties of cones and nearly 90 different flavors, there literally are thousands of different combinations limited only by your imagination.

And if you cannot make it to the Love Boat in Fort Myers, there are two dozen places that you can find their premium home made ice cream. Locations include; Cape Coral, Sanibel Island, Captiva, Alva, LaBelle, Naples, Bonita, and close to Matlacha.

They even have a mobile ice cream truck that can bring this taste tempting delight to you. But we simply must recommend you visit the Fort Myers location. That’s where they make it – and the ambience is difficult to beat.